Another traditional car giant officially entered the era of electric platform from the “oil change” era.

On February 23, modern car pure electric medium Cuv Ioniq (Aii) 5 debut. This is the first mass production model of the modern electric car exclusive brand Ioniq, which is also the first vehicle created by the modern automobile group’s new electric vehicle special platform E-GMP.

Oniq 5

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and the Chief Marketing Officer of Modern Motor Group, said that the car is “the first electric car that truly experiences the user.”

Modern cars have been layout in the field of electric vehicles for a long time, but so far, the market performance is not highlighted. In China, 2020, modern brand new energy passenger cars sold only 4,613 vehicles, and ranked 30 in the upper danger list. Overseas, in October 2020, modern cars announced the global recall of 77,000 KONA electric vehicles.

Modern cars urgently need to reverse this disadvantage.

In August 2020, the Modern Motor Group announced that by 2025, the sales of the Group electric vehicle reached 1 million, the market share reached 10%, and became the world’s third largest environmental automotive manufacturer, BEV sales reached 560,000 (except for FCEV sales) ).

E-GMP platform and Ioniq series electric vehicles will undoubtedly be an important means of modern achievement. According to the plan, the battery life can reach 600 kilometers of Ioniq 5, will be launched in some areas from the first half of 2021, and will also be officially introduced in the Chinese market in the future.


Electric platform DVI: Space, Performance, Intelligent Evergings

Modern cars in the new energy vehicle field is not short, but the models mainly selling are difficult to get rid of “oil to electricity” restrictions, regardless of performance, or intelligent levels are not outstanding.

The advent of the electric vehicle special platform E-GMP platform has made Ioniq 5 have great improvements in many aspects of modern old electric models.

E-GMP platform

○ More comfortable design

E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) full-name electric global module platform, with this platform, Ioniq 5 is different from other medium-sized CUV models, with a full floor floor, can arrange the battery pack under the floor and innovate Design and occupant leg activities leave sufficient space.

Ioniq 5 size

For example, the Ioniq 5 wheelbase length is 3000mm, and the shaft length is more than 65%. After the baggage tank is 531 liters, when the seat is completely folded, it can expand to nearly 1600 liters. At the same time, the rear seat can slide 135mm forward, and it can be folded down at 6: 4 ratio. In addition, IoniQ 5 also designed additional storage space, the front luggage compartment capacity up to 57 liters.

○ Performance is greatly improved

In terms of performance, IoniQ 5 provides a variety of PE systems (Power Electric System, Power System) to meet different consumers in different regions.

Ioniq 5 main performance parameters

For example, the top-level performance version of IoniQ 5 is a full-wheel drive (AWD) model of Longhang version, which is equipped with 72.6kWH battery pack, with a maximum power of 225KW, a maximum torque of 605 nm, and 5.2s per 100 kilometers. Equipped with a full-wheel drive (AWD) model with a 58KWH battery pack, a hundred kilometers accelerated a score of 6.1s.

The two-wheel drive (2 WD) model of IoniQ 5 is equipped with a separate drive motor with a maximum torque of 350 nm. When equipped with a 72.6kWh battery group, two-wheel drive (2WD) models accelerated by 7.4s, maximum comprehensive battery life 600km; when equipped with a 58kWh battery group, accelerated 8.5s.

In terms of charging, benefit from the E-GMP platform, IoniQ 5 supports 400V and 800V charging piles simultaneously. The E-GMP platform model comes to 800V charging function, and it is also compatible with 400V charge without additional components or adapters.

Oniq 5 charging

When charging is made using a 350KW charging pile, IoniQ 5 is charged from 30% by 80%, and the charging can increase 100km battery life in 5 minutes.

In addition, IoniQ 5 has a vehicle external power supply (V2L) function, no matter where the vehicle is still charged, it can be charged for other electric equipment, or support home electrical power.

The V2L function output power is 3.6kW. The whole car has two V2L ports inside and outside. One port is backed by the rear seat, and the vehicle is activated. The other port is located at the body charging interface outside the car, and the adaptive converter can be charged for high power electrical equipment.

○ Intelligent level is eye-catching

In addition to the full-vehicle layout, the performance is higher, and the latest technology of modern cars has been first applied on IoniQ 5.

For example, enhance the realistic flat display system (Ar Hud), project information such as navigation, security, and automobile surroundings, and the driver can see through the windshield. Digital Side Mirror (DSM) can assist the driver safe driving by providing the most ideal perspective and complete elimination of visual blind spots. Partial automatic driving function of Ioniq 5

In terms of automatic driving, Ioniq 5 is equipped with the latest generation of modern Smartsense advanced driving assistance systems, including HDA2 (Highway Driving Assist Level 2, Highway Driving Assist Level 2, Highway Driving Assist (FCA), Blind Zone Defense Cry (BCA), Intelligent Speed ​​Assisted (ISLA), Driver Care Warning (DAW), Driving Assistance, such as high beam assist (HBA).


New brand + new platform, modern decision

For the electrical transformation of modern car groups, IoniQ 5 has great significance and is a collection of modern exclusive electric platforms and exclusive electric brands.

In August 2020, modern cars announced that IoniQ was upgraded from model name to electric car brands. Modern Motor Company Executive Vice President and the Chief Marketing Officer of the Global Marketing Officer, Ioniq brand has opened a new chapter of modern electric cars and will change the model of the electric vehicle customer experience.

After the Ioniq brand upgrade, the E-GMP platform was released in December 2020. Albert Biermann, president of modern automobile group research and development, the platform is a modular, standardized specialized platform developed to accelerate electric vehicle development.

E-GMP platform

The maximum feature of the E-GMP platform can be achieved through the same platform, such as car, CUV, SUV, the flexible development and standards of high performance, high-energy models, and meet the market’s electric car products. Diversified demand, optimize enterprise production efficiency.

In modern group, the first use of the E-GMP platform is an Ioniq brand. By 2024, the Modern Automobile Plan releases three Ioniq exclusive electric vehicles based on the platform. Ioniq 5 released on February 23 is the first E-GMP platform model and the first Ioniq brand model.

As a traditional auto business giant, so far, modernity in the electric car market is not satisfactory. Take the Chinese market as an example. In 2020, the modern new energy passenger car was sold only 4,613 vehicles, far less than Tesla, public and other joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises.

In contrast, modern has already set a wild powerful electricization plan. According to the plan, by 2025, the electric vehicle sales of the Modern Motor Group have reached 1 million, and the sales of Bev reached 560,000 vehicles (except FCEV sales), becoming a leading enterprise in the world of electric vehicles.

At that time, modern will launch 44 electric cars including 23 pure electric cars. E-GMP platforms and IoniQ models will undoubtedly play an important role in it.

According to the plan, Ioniq 5 will be listed in some areas from the first half of 2021, and will also be officially introduced into the Chinese market in the future. 2022 and 2024, IoniQ 6 sedan and Ioniq 7 will also be released.

For example, the MEB platform is in the public, and the E-GMP platform has also opened the era of electric platform in modern cars.

Today, public IDs developed based on MEB platforms. Series models are about to accept markets, especially Chinese consumers. Ioniq 5, based on E-GMP platform, is still in the Chinese market. In the future, the modern electric transformation can succeed, break the previous “oil to change” in a poor performance, here.

What can be sure is that if there is still a car company that is now holding the “oil to change” models in the market competition, performance, etc., is basically backward. The model of the pure electric platform will become mainstream.


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