With the hot sale of Wulinghong MINI EV, the domestic automotive industry ushered in an electric vehicle + microcomputer boom. Many brands have also launched mini electric vehicles, such as Changan Ben, Ou Hook, etc., relative to Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, these new cars are equivalent to their flag, or give more functions and configurations to new cars, of course, the price will also change according to the configuration. But in any case, the impact of this trend on the entire new energy industry is still great.

In the past, it was even more taking advantage of Geely to cooperate with Smart, launched a rumor of the electric version of Smart, which made the tide of this miniature electric vehicle blows to the extreme. Sure enough, there are recent media to expose the rendering map of Geely Smart, let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, Geely Smart’s face is still very high, the entire intake grille is a honeycomb shape, plus silver is like a “magic” light surface is still like a sound of the audio, this design Still very interesting. The headlights on both sides are crossed, and the outermost side is still slightly raised. It is completely a big eyes with God. The intake port on both sides is a small vertical oval, very small and cute.

The overall shape of the side is a relatively round type. The side of the side is still more obvious. The “muscle sensation” of the entire side is also strong, the waist line is also from the head to the tail, and the entire side is also marked. “C” font is decorated. The modeling design of the wheel hub is also more novel, the identification is extremely high, and the sector design of large blocks is also very remarkable.

The shape of the car belongs to the overall comparison plane, but has a rich level of layering with different lines. The styling of the taillight is also a very important design, and the partially rounded square is also a circle of light strips, which adds a lot of detail to the end. The color of the whole body is also a more fresh natural, green and white color matching to make the car look very environmentally friendly.

Although there is no powerful news, based on the current environment and the situation of competitors, the battery life of Geely Smart is very probably 400km. As for whether the car can change the market pattern of the microcontrol, it depends on the final price.

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