For consumers, buying a car will refer to many factors, in addition to the performance of the value, space, configuration, and power and other products, there is also a factor indicator to face, that is, the value of the value. In fact, the value is reflected in branding and productivity and reliability. Recently, we see the National Commercial and Commercial Division Auto Dealer Chamber of Commerce Union Car E-estimate released annual automotive value report.

It is understood that the report is based on the full amount of data in the car E estimated vehicle and the full amount of data combined with the national trade-off auto dealer Chamber of Commerce, and the data formed under the guidance of the National Industrial and Commercial Division Auto Dealer Association. This data has truly reflects the domestic market. Car preservation rate. Then let’s take a look at the valid rate of the vehicle at all levels.

The most proud of the small car: Honda Fit

As the best-selling small car, the first annual rate reached an amazing 93.46%, the third year’s ratio reached 82.63%, such a high value rate also made it a small car that is the most proud. It as a hatchback under Honda, becoming a lot of families, excellent reliability and handling, making it a best-selling small car. After the third generation of flying rejg, no matter whether the busleman or the wheelbase has increased a lot, the space is outside the same level. As a typical Honda model, its minimum fuel consumption reaches 5.3L, excellent power performance has lower fuel consumption, economic and abnormal, even many people bring to modify, such as car home racing team AHRT game The car is converted using GK5. Its excellent value is also very popular in the second-hand car market.

Protection of compact cars: Honda Civic

In the compact sedan, there is a Civic called the god car, 91.50% of the first annual protection rate, 79.63% of the three-year ratio ratio allows its force, Carolla, Sylphones, Rayling and LaVida, etc., becomes the highest value Compact sedan. Although Carolola has been invested in ratings and reliability, its sales often in the first five in the car sales list. However, as the Civic sells domestic, especially the listing of new ideas, it has passed the Corolla in many ways, although sales and Carolla has a certain gap, but the ratio has a certain advantage. Corolla is compared to the Civic, its advantage is to save oil, the driving feeling is good, hardly fail.

Protected intermediate car: Toyota Camry

The highest-priced intermediate vehicle is taken by Toyota Camry, the first annual value rate is 87.7.75%, and the ratio of the ratio of the third year has reached 74.73%, so that the value is also allowed to press the same level. Accord. In the middle car owner list, Accord, Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 3 Series and Scorpio also have a good performance. But in contrast, Camry is the biggest winner, whether it is a fuel version or a mixed version, its preservation rate is exceeded with a large number of opponents. As the sales champion of the intermediate car, Camry’s performance has always been good. It also has the high reliability, low fuel consumption of Toyota model, which also makes it the most hot player in the intermediate car.

The most proud value of medium and large cars: Toyota Crown

In the middle of the large-scale vehicle level, the model with high value is almost monopolized by the first line and the second line, such as Mercedes-Benz E-level, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L, and the second-line brand Cadillac CT6 and Volvo S90 and other models, because in the middle The car market, the luxury brand is the most recognized in the market. However, the most proud of the most proud of the 2020 was taken by Toyota Crown, which was sold, was sold, and its first annual rate reached 86.43%, and the third year had 71.10% of the value. To know that the Crown is also a synonym of luxury, in the domestic market, the crown once and the BBA is called the model, excellent reliability, durability, and rear drill, so that the crown has become a lot of people’s feelings.

Protected small SUV: Honda XR-V

In the joint venture brand small SUV, sales champion Honda XR-V became the highest value model, and the first annual value reached 88.30%, and the third year also had 72.25% of the ratio of ratio, such performance, also let his sister The C-HR and Yussez Izoa under the Toyota Double Current Strategy have become the highest transaction model in the second-hand car market. After launching the market, 6 years Honda XR-V has more than 800,000 market performance, which can also see the popularity of this car from market feedback.

Protection of compact SUV: Honda CR-V

The most proven compact joint venture SUV is still a Japanese car, which is from the CR-V of Dongfeng Honda. CR-V The first annual rate is 87.5%, and the third year reached 74.77%. Due to the excellent value, CR-V has become the most prone to steal models, and its insurance expenses are higher than the general vehicle. For so many years, CR-V has been a victorious victor for the champion of joint venture SUV. Although the Tiguan couple have experience, the long-term stable market performance of CR-V is, it is a popularity of other opponents, enough to prove the popularity of this car. As one of the most competitive markets, compact SUV has always been the battle for various manufacturers. In addition to the compact SUV ratings, in addition to CR-V, Japanese RAV4 also has a good performance. In addition, the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3 have good performance.

The most proud of the medium-sized SUV: Toyota Highlanda

The first annual value reached 92.12%, and there were 80.44% of the ratio of 80.4% in the third year. It is the highland SUV market, and it is also the most proud of medium-sized SUV. For Hanlanda, many people are not strange, and many people will definitely think of Hanlana. Which vendor launches medium SUV, it will treat Hanland Dada as a benchmark and an opponent. In the past year, Hanland Dada once again won the medium SUV market champion. After entering the domestic market in 2009, its market performance has always been the level of rule. In addition to the high-mighty appearance and excellent space performance, its excellent power and solid chassis are one of its advantages. In addition, Han Landa is still a uncomfortable SUV. Few people have bought Hanland Da. There will be a phenomenon in the car. Although it is not the best in many ways, but in all aspects, its comprehensive expressiveness is no. On the terminal market of the new car, Hanland Da also had a price increase in the car. In the second-hand car market, it is also the hottest medium-sized SUV model. The price of its used car market has more than a new car, enough to prove the hot exploitation.

The most proud of the large-scale SUV: Toyota Prado

Prado is also a commonly known domain, as the most classic model of Toyota brand, Prado is known for its excellent off-road capabilities and high reliability. Its performance in the large SUV market is also obvious. The first year’s ratio reached an amazing 93.69%, even more than Randa and Fit and other models, the third year’s ratio reached 83.94%. In recent years, due to the discharge reasons, it has been discontinued in China, and Prado’s ratio is more climbed. In the last two years of second-hand car market, Prado’s turnover shows that many car cars, even bought two years, their second-hand car prices can also sell new car prices, such a model I want to be in other I can’t see it on the model. Excellent reliability, utility modeling, and excellent off-road performance, let Prado become the same-level benchmark model, except for Prado, Toyota Land Cool Luze is also good.

The most defined new energy car (pure electric): Tesla Model3

We all know that the new energy car is a loss of money, once bought the hand, will definitely lose their blood. Although it is an important direction of clean energy, it is constantly grown in the domestic market in the past few years, but in terms of ratings, all products in the electric vehicle market are quite pulled. However, there is a brand except that it is Tesla, although the value ratio cannot be compared with the fuel truck, Tesla is still a big. For example, in the domestic market, Modeel 3, its preservation rate is ranked first, its first annual value is 76.31%, the third year’s ratio is 58.25%, although it is very low, but in the new energy market, Its performance is very rare.

The most deflated new energy car (mixed): Lexus ES

Just, we are talking about the pure electric models in the new energy market, and on the mixed model, the ratio rate is relatively high. The Lexus ES with the highest value in the new energy mixed market was taken, and the first annual rate reached 86.55%, and the ratio of the third year also had 71.67%, and its performance is even higher than many traditional fuel cars. As one of the best-selling hybrid models, Lexus ES is also in the top of the list. As the high-end brand of Toyota, the models of Lexus have a good market performance, which is also the leader of the domestic second-line luxury brand. In terms of appearance, the Lexus ES fashion is dynamic, and it is also quite luxurious and comfortable in an interior. Lexus has a non-bad statement, rarely heard the complaint against Lexus. In addition, Lexus is also a representative brand in China, Toyota is also a huge imposition of huge amount of imposition because of Lexus bay, and also shows that this brand is hot in the domestic market.

The most proud of the MPV: Honda Odyssey

In the joint venture brand MPV category, the most proud of the three cars is Odyssey, Ai Li and Buick GL8. Especially Odyssey, its first annual value reached 87.43%, and the third year’s ratio is also 75.86%, and the Ai Li owner of the same door is very close. Although Odyssey and Ai Li 绅 are pressed by the GL8 in the preserved rate, but in terms of market performance, it is far from the Buick GL8. The author has been found in the second-hand car market, a 2-3 years, kilometers in Odyssey, Eli and Buick GL8, which is super high. However, it is undeniable that Buick GL8 is also the highest mPV model in the second-hand car market due to excellent market performance.

The above is the highest-value model, if you buy a car, will you consider the value of the value? Welcome to the comment area below the article, interact with us.

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