A few days ago, Xiaomi determined the news of the car to detonate the network. The reason why this year is so concerned, on the one hand, the Xiaomi’s headner Lei Jun once stated in 2015. It will not involve the car within three or four years. In terms, the Internet-high-tech companies have repeatedly built cross-borders, I am afraid that most netizens and industry people have concluded that Xiaomi has also been involved in cars.

In fact, the news of the small rice to make the news in 2014, but Xiaomi has almost responded almost every year, and this year, Xiaomi clearly states: “The Group has been paying attention to the development of electric car ecology, and Continuous assessment and research on related industries. The Group’s research on electric vehicle manufacturing business has not yet to formal project. “

In fact, the details, Xiaomi responded that in addition to clarifying this false rumor, it can be seen that there is still a car plan in the future development. Therefore, the mouth is loose, and since 2014, the Internet company has been in the cross-border of Internet companies, and it has been in Dalang Shape. In 2020, Wei Si, Ideal and Xiaopeng, and Tesla have a good rise momentum, the overall market tends to clear. In addition, in the second half of 2020, major Internet companies are also rumored, Ali, Apple and Baidu have repeatedly disclosed their own cargo plans. In addition, Huawei also has news to expose to enter the automotive industry, so as the veteran millet company, nature It is impossible to do it completely.

Xiaomi has no substantive action so far. Do you think that the identity of Xiaomi 100%? In fact, it is not, 2015 and 2016, Lei Jun invested in the military and Xiaopeng. In addition to these two host plants, car smart companies are not lack of millet, which can be seen that Xiaomi is a host factory may be only a problem. After all, in recent years, Xiaomi is constantly moving in the car, and it is also a good pavement in advance.

So, in the current environment, where is the real difficulties of millet?

First of all, the first point, money! Although Xiaomi is not lack of money, it is really necessary to rank in the main plant, and still need, on the one hand, domestic smartphone shipments approximate the ceiling, small growth, even the mainstream rhythm of the next time, although the current millet has become a smartphone The first three rows of manufacturers, but market potential has been exhausted, and the profitable space has also lacking flexibility.

Confused new energy vehicles, the current trend is high-speed growth, and the national level has clearly requested that the new energy vehicle should occupy a total of 20% of the total sales volume of new vehicles, and 2020, domestic automobile sales volume is 25.3 million, considering recent years. The year-on-year decline in the new car market is obvious, 2025 conservative estimates are also around 25 million, then the new energy model will reach 5 million in 2025.

On the other hand, the feeding of the car is unimaginable. The car is one level. The production capacity is a level. The product is one level. Sales are one level. The ring ring cannot be mistaken. The ring ring needs to be put, whether it is autonomous car or Optional production, the investment is not small, it seems that the model that seems to be the most money is to cooperate with traditional car companies. If Xiaomi is finally taken, the probability will take such a model, but even so, invester is still deep.

Take a look at the pattern of Xiaomi. Take the mobile phone as an example. Xiaomi adhere to the pricing strategy of “hair profit margin is not higher than 5%”. For this reason, Xiaomi can kill the battlefield with low-end model strategies, and quickly succeed. Xiaomi is advancing the high-end transformation, but in 2020, its net profit margin is only 5.7%, which is only a quarter of Apple. Then, the future profit margin of the millet will be limited.

Therefore, the future profit will become the largest uncertainty factor after Xiaomi cross-border car. As the smart phone of the pillar, although the development of stable but the ceiling is now, the mobile phone will be the road, and the more investment, production After hell such as production capacity, it is also a problem with the big step rhythm of the new energy market, which may be the root cause of Xiaomi still wait and see.

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