In the country’s thinking, it seems to be a “big” word. Many people have a more persistent pursuit of “everyone” when buying a car, but sometimes small benefits in the actual use of the car. The trolley is not only means that the car is lowered, but also in the case of shopping, picking up children, etc., it is convenient to travel, it is very suitable for urban young people or hot moms, which makes the new energy pure electric truck market in recent years. As a classic model of the pure electric car, the small ant 150,000 ants are concerned, and their body is small and flexible, two four seats, so good to stop, meet the daily car needs of the majority of urban crowds, becoming a city daily travel The preferred companion. In addition, the small ants have low costs, and there is a vehicle, and the car is used, and the car is worry-free. It’s so good to stop, save money, this is undoubtedly a travel artifact for busy urban young people.

The body is small and flexible, and it will stop.

Many urban traffic is increasingly congested, and parking space has become a recognized city, and small ants are more flexible, and it is not worthy of the congenital advantages of parking. It is increasingly favored by consumers. Small ants are long, 3200,1670mm, 3200, 1670mm, with two four design, small and flexible body, easy to shuttle urban street, whether in Beijing’s narrow old alley, go shopping, go to school to send children, etc. Vehicles, people can be paid in the case of human flow. There is a small ants about 150,000 ants, but not only effectively avoid road congestion, can’t find the parking space, which affects the mood, but also saves a lot of time, and it is more efficient.

At the same time, small ants are equipped with EPB electronic parking + autohold automatic parking and other functions. It is convenient for vehicles to stop, especially in congestion road sections, and ensure that the driver experiences the stop, the light and free . Small ants are equipped with high-definition inverted images, high-sensitive reversing radar, especially for female drivers who have warehousing shadows, the intimate level is comparable to boyfriend, significantly reduced reversing difficulty.

In addition, for the young users who love shopping shopping or the hot moms of Baova, the small ant 150,000 ants are small, but the strength in the storage is not underestimated. 2 + 2 free space combination, the rear seats can be put down at any time to further expand the storage space. Whether it is shopping, bag, or children’s learning materials, books toys, can easily accommodate no pressure.

The whole vehicle is in a lifetime warranty

Choose a car, not only considering the budget in your eyes, follow-up vehicles, and caring costs should also be particularly valued. For many users, “buy a car is cool, and two fun two lines” became the most authentic “owner story”. Classic model small ants 150,000 ants powder with low energy consumption, easy to achieve 6 points per kilometer of daily vehicles; and have “all-vehicle lifelong warranty” body, reliable quality saves a lot of maintenance, maintenance time, cost Wait.

Thanks to the small ants of 150,000 ants, a small body, a large amount of lightweight technology, and the high-quality three-level high-quality three-powered, so that it has a low-energy advantage that is far superior. Little ants 150,000 ants are as low as 9.4kWh, charging once, driving a week. If calculated according to 0.56 yuan / kWh, the new car is 5.3 yuan, with an average of less than 6 yuan per kilometer, quite money. In addition, there is a car owner will also be trained, repairing the car, once the failure of the failure not only increases the cost of expenditure, but also is wasting time. Chery New Energy With its deep brand technology advantages and small ants’ superior quality, and the user-suited advanced service concept, the service policy of “all-vehicle lifetime warranty” has fundamentally eliminates the user’s car, caring, At the same time, Chery new energy is true for users.

Written in the last

As a city trend, the small ant 150,000 ants are borrowed to stop, save money, and become the first choice for everyday commuters, shopping, and picking children. It is worth mentioning that the recent Chery New Energy also launched the “New Year’s New Anti Wufu” event, buy small ants to enjoy the new ant red envelope, 7500 yuan of cash discount and other multi-benefits. Friends who have a car purchase may wish to participate in this activity, and easily take the little ant 150,000 ants, so that the city will save money and save time.

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