On February 21st, * ST Zhongtai release announcement, Zhongtai Auto Co., Ltd. stock, February 10, 2021, February 18, February 19th, three consecutive trading daily closing price gains have more than 12%, According to the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, it belongs to the abnormal fluctuation of stock transactions.

Zhongtai explained in the announcement, including the progress of the intention of investors in the “Company on the Progress Announcement of Public Recruitment Investors”: At present, the intention of investors is still in the stages, and there are other potential investors and Recommendation managers are approaching. And the company is currently in the pre-reunified state, there is no uncertainty in the reorganization process; seven cases of being implemented by returned risk warnings.

At the same time, Zhongtai’s announcement also pointed out that the company’s board of directors confirmed that in addition to the company’s disclosed information, the company currently did not disclose without disclosure or disclosed or related to the relevant provisions of the “stock listing rules”. Matters related to planning, negotiation, intention, agreement, etc .; the board of directors has not learned that the company should disclose by the relevant provisions of the “stock market” and other relevant provisions, the company’s stock and its derivative breed transaction prices have a large impact. Other information.

“Tao Ge said the car” editor noted that the relevant situation of public recruitment of investors on the evening of January 11th on the evening of January 11th has released an unusual announcement of four stock transactions. On February 19th, Zhongtai stock price reported 2.12 yuan, increased by 4.95%, compared to the closing price of 1.2 yuan January 12, Zhongtai stock price increased nearly double, close to Zhongtai last year of 100 billion loss financial report disclosure Previous stock price.

Free market risk to add Zhongtai “a white cover is ugly”

Since 2020, Thai Year is lost, the Thai car is in the quiet period of a year, but there is no new model, the stock price is poor. However, since January 2021, Zhongtai revealed that there is currently an intention of investors to appear and is in the stage, and other potential investors and pre-rejuvenating managers are being consolidated. Thai stock prices are in more than a month. Walk all the way.

The status quo of Can Ke Thai car is no last year. Previously, Zhongtai disclosed that the company’s audited net profit was negative, and the company’s 2019 financial accounting report was issued an audit report that was unable to expose, the company was implemented. At the same time, according to the 2020 annual performance forecast of Zhongtai, Zhongtai still faces the loss of up to 9 billion yuan, compared to the million losses in 2019. In addition, many years ago, “Zhong Tamfite” new energy car projects were also exposed to death. The funds raised by Zhongtai have also been determined that it is no longer used to develop but “maintain life”.

In addition to various information, in addition to the reforming investors that have not yet been determined, Zhongtai does not have a sign of operation or development. Is it really “a white hatter”?

Do Baobao is interested in picking up the Thai? Will Zhongtai reborn?

In fact, Zhongtai also had suspected good news after entering 2021. Previously, Linyi City Business Bureau official website issued a news that Baoyong Group’s Baodong Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Linyi Zhongtai cooperation project have entered a substantive negotiation stage.

The article also said that Baoyong Group attaches great importance to the project investment in Linyi City, and the Linyi City is used as a strategic investment city. Linyi has established Baoli project work to promote the project, and has already promoted 9 projects in implementing 5 major sections. Among them, they include Baoyong Automobile and Linyi Zhongtai cooperation project, “linkage cloud” sector sharing car.

It is worth mentioning that this news is then deleted, and the relevant personnel of Linyi City Government said that because the current work is being promoted, there is no final result, and the company is not recommended to disclose more specific information, etc. Project results are rearward afterwards. Despite this, the emergence of Baoli still triggered people to guess the Thai heavy investors. After all, Lifan has been “discovered” by the Chongqing two rivers and new rivers and Geely.

The same is a private car company, Zhongtai and Lifan are in a desperate situation. Different, the former “private car first stock” Lifa has waited for the “White Knight” – in Chongqing’s two rivers and new districts and Geely to open a comprehensive technology, electric transformation and upgrading. So, when can Zhongtai, which is the same as the Thai rejuvenation investor that can appear and “travel” Zhongtai?

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