Recent Securities Times reporter learned from the people in the Great Wall Automobile, the general manager of Baidu Intelligent Automobile Division has joined the Great Wall Automobile, which will be with the Great Wall Auto Intelligent Driving, Zhang Kai, Great Wall Auto Intelligent Driving Director, Dragon Leopard. Responsible for the work of smart driving research and development in Great Wall.

It is understood that Gu Weiqi is in Baidu for 16 years, and he is responsible for Baidu L3 automatic driving, car network, map and other business. In 2019, Baidu Automatic Driving Business experienced organization architecture adjustment, and the Smart Automobile Division was incorporated into the automatic driving division, and he left Baidu. Gu Wei-yu has been committed to the research and development of automatic driving and automobile intelligence, and convinced the value of automatic driving models, it is believed that the development trend of automatic driving in the future is the deep integration of Internet companies and traditional automotive industry vendors. The company said that Gu Weiqi strongly joined, will give full play to its deep accomplishment in artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, map, data processing, etc., to inject more powerful Internet genes into Great Wall, further promote the rapid driving technology Floor.

Guangna talents help intelligently drive

The formal research and development of the Great Wall Auto started in 2009, poured a large number of energy to conduct global research and development. The total investment of more than 6 million yuan, the Great Wall Automobile “National Smart Automobile and Smart Traffic (Jingbei) Demonstration Zone, is not only the first high-speed ringway covered with LTE-V2X, but also the first urban road covering 5G networks in China. Scene closing test area.

The powerful technical strength is inseparable from talents, and the Great Wall Motor has further enlarged the needs of the frontier scientific and technological talents.

In 2020, Great Wall Motors opened the “10,000-person programs” for the next ten years, absorb global high-precision talents, and further expand their talent reserves. It is estimated that in 2021, the intelligent R & D team will extend to 2,000 people, including a senior expert in different fields such as traditional automotive industries and Internet industries, providing a strong talent stone to the Great Wall car smart driving.

Last year, Great Wall car officially released the “Cafe 331 Strategy”, which will realize the redundant L3-level automatic driving this year, and use three years to realize the user’s size industry, the user experience is the best, the scene function covers the up to three Lead, in 2023, China Scene has covered the most L4 automatic driving, aimed to be a leader in the intelligent era.

Earnings for the mid-year profound plan for two years

Established in November 2019, the intelligent driving forward part of the Great Wall Automobile Technology Center, is a technology company that combines the genes of the Internet and the automotive industry. The company has the ability of the industry chain association of the traditional automotive industry. It also has Internet technology companies to have data value, product iterative closed loop, and user experience management experience. The 11th part of the wisdom is previously responsible for the research and development of the ADAS system inside the Great Wall. With nearly ten years of technology, team accumulation in Great Wall, the team accumulation, the bile advantage of car enterprises and the Internet, thus rapid breakthrough in smart driving technology commercialization. Currently, the third path of the automatic driving passenger car and the low-speed end logistics unmanned car, synchronously promotes the automatic driving business.

It is worth noting that it is a long exploration of the general automatic driving enterprise to the business model, and it is planned to achieve earnings in 2022. Although the establishment is less than two years, the project and order income have been harvested in the end of the third.

In the field of unmanned logistics trolley, the third teachings have been signed with Ali and US groups. In February 2021, the midperent point of the mid-to-year, a multi-point X-ray, unmanned, and invested in Beijing Shunyi District, providing distribution services to users placed on multi-Point APP orders, helping Beijing Shunyi epidemic control.

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