February 22nd, the ideal car founder Li Xi’s internal credit screen has a car circle. Many media are interpreting ideals in Li Xi, @ 不 看 车 也 风 风, 不, talk to everyone, he said.

1. Automatic driving will become an operating system of a smart electric vehicle, not a functional configuration.

@ 不 看 车: Friends who are doing a car system, probably being 懵: 啥? What? What? What he said is?

2, by 2030, the L4-level automatic driving will become the standard of each smart electric vehicle.

@ 不 看 车: I guess Testla will also insist on charge, hardware pre-installed, but you don’t pay for this feature!

3. By 2030, ultra-fast charging technology for 300-500 kilometers in 10 minutes will be fully popular.

@ 不 看 车: It is a bit too optimistic. I guess, I can do such a brand, two hands should be able to come over. Unless, there is company to steal and steal success!

4. The Fact of Intelligent Electric Vehicles Competition is the competition of data and chips.

@ 不 看 车: There is also app! Whether there is any food that does not fry.

5, by 2030, only more than 25% of the global market share can have the opportunity to become a head enterprise in the global intelligent electric vehicle industry.

@ 不 看 车: 2020, Tesla is the largest electric car brand in the global market share, accounting for 23.8%. According to Li Xi’s logic, Tesla is also a waist brand.

6, the next ten years, the ideal car will choose two routes: 1. Increased electricity platform (charging treasure) with urban pure electricity, long-distance power generation; 2, ten minutes to supplement 300-500 kilometers of battery life 400 kW super fast charge high voltage pure electric platform (super charger).

@ 不 看 车: Finally, I have to be pure! However, I can charge 300 kilometers 10 minutes. Why do I have to power? Encourage eating to drink in the car?

7. Ideal car 2030 vision: Create a mobile home, becoming the world’s first smart electric car company.

@ 不 看 车: I guess it is right, it is really encouraged to eat Drive on the car. However, mobile home is likely to succeed, the world is one thing is a bit too satisfactory. True Tesla, is it dead?

8. In the next five years, the ideal pure electric platform will have two: high pressure pure electric Whale platform, high pressure pure electric Shark platform.

@ 不 看 车: Very good! Although I don’t understand the two platforms, I still welcome the development of pure electric electricity.

9. In the next five years, the ideal product will cover the price of 15-500,000.

@ 不 看 车: Xiaopeng car, Weima car, BYD car … I asked if you are not afraid?

10. Ideal car 2025 strategic objectives: 20% of market share, becoming China’s first smart electric vehicle enterprise.

@ 不 看 车: 20% of the market share can be, but China will have to ask if it is not promised!

Ideal Li Xi’s ideal, I wish him a good dream!

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