Tesla is a famous electric car brand in the world. Tesla can say that the promotion of electric vehicles is extremely, before Tesla, there is no such car company to make this so quickly. This will lose a new energy track, as well as Tesla superb eyesight and superb technologies. However, Tesla also had some psychic operations, encountered people’s spit.

As we all know, Tesla likes to cut the price is not a new thing, and the views of each of the prices are divided into two, one is the owner. Tesla’s owner said that the new car didn’t bought a price, which made the car depreciates seriously, the owner is self-evident. Another view, that Tesla price reduction is actually a reduction in the automotive industry, but also makes some car companies to make the car, not only to improve the price. And Tesla’s own point of view is that the price cut is to let more people enable electric vehicles.

About Tesla disputes is not only the case, recently, one news once again pushed Tesla. It is understood that Tesla US official website has recently reached the entry model of Tesra Model Y, which is the standard battery life version of Model Y. This model has only sold for more than a month, and the previous talents have been reduced by $ 419,900 to US $ 3999 million, which is equivalent to a decrease of 129 million yuan. But why did you cut the price after price?

At present, Tesra entry version Model Y is officially not explained, but we can also guess. From the end of the entry class Model Y, EPA works continued to 244 miles, equivalent to 393 kilometers, such endurance obviously no competitiveness in the same level of electric vehicles in this price, in the face of life anxiety, such endurance Continued selling can only play against Tesla itself.

In addition, the entry-cutting version model y is not good in profitability, in the large environment of yield, the continuous production selling version of Tsra Model Y occupies the resources of the production line, reducing the brand profit. In addition to these conjectures, the entry of the special model of the Testra Model Y also allows the relevant domestic model to be available to become unknown. Nowadays, there are many Tesla lifelines to buy an entry level Model Y, but if the configuration is not listed in China, will everyone have caused Tucla’s Tucao again?

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