Have you ever thought that in the near future, a lot of new energy vehicles can be easily reached more than 800 kilometers. At that time, do you have “mileage anxiety”?

In fact, in addition to the operation vehicles such as taxis, webmarks, basically everyone knows that we are 99% of the vapor scenes of dozens of kilometers, which is very small to reach a few hundred kilometers. In this regard, the current mainstream electric vehicle’s life-saving level has far far away from 99% of the vehicle needs of consumers.

However, many people buy a car is for the convenience of travel, even for a safe sense. Electric cars can only be covered by only 1% of scenes, but this 1% uncertainty will be amplified, affecting the entire purchase decision and experience.

200km battery can meet 80% of scenes, 300km battery can meet 90% of scenes, 400km battery can meet 95% of scenes, 500 km can meet 98% of scenes, 1000km battery can meet 99% of scenes, but how to improve Electric cars still unable to meet 100% of the car scene.

Therefore, the source of anxiety is uncertain, as long as uncertainty exists, anxiety will exist.

It is undeniable that the life has more than 1,000 kilometers, and the length of the single mileage is reduced, and the number of daily charging is reduced, and the overall feeling will be more cool. The longer the mileage, the larger the radius of your own activities, the lower the psychological burden of the car, the stronger the experience and happiness.

In addition, the longer battery life is longer, and the time of charge and discharge is longer. The number of charges in unit time is less, and the life of the battery will be longer.

The increase in the life of the electric vehicle will reduce the probability that uncertainty results in accidents, but does not eliminate. This is a truth with your phone.

Previously Nokia can be long standing for more than ten days, which is at least two or three days. But at that time almost every far away door will charge the wire, or a spare battery. Now smartphones, there is no electricity for half a day, but few people will deliberately bring a charging treasure.

This is because it is difficult to borrow the same paragraph. Now, everyone is not only easy to borrow the same charge line, and the sharing charging treasure is also available everywhere. Similarly, for new energy vehicles, the root of “mileage anxiety” is not battery life, and it is a charge network density and charging speed.

If you go anywhere, there are charging piles nearby, and you can drive for 2 hours, you will care about your life is 600km or 1000km?

No matter what car we buy, it will not be perfect. To completely eliminate the battery life of electric cars, we must do the same experience like a fuel car. Is that we need to build a large number of public fast charging piles?

In fact, it is not necessary.

Oil has only gas stations, and each household is in each household. It is unreliable to build a power station according to the idea of ​​the gas station. So, what kind of charging infrastructure can solve the battery life of electric cars?

Referring to the phone, solving the battery life is not an increase in mobile phone battery capacity, but a thing called “charging treasure”. The electric car is also the same. Future electric vehicles must be a multi-objective-based replenishment, such as garage, public parking, shopping malls, office buildings, highways, and other multi-scenes provide convenience and sufficient energy. In addition, the electrification is also a difting mode worth exploring.

Therefore, the endless mileage anxiety will generally exist before considering the level of obtaining the charging base settings. To eliminate the battery life of the electric car, you need the results of car companies, charging infrastructure builders and social managers, and the gradual mature consumer market to make progress, rather than car companies constantly pushing high endless miles or endlessly Constructing a charging infrastructure can be implemented.

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