On February 19, Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed an investment agreement in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and honeycomb energy will invest 7 billion yuan in the new base of 20GWH in the new district of Huzhou South Taihu New District.

Huzhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, executive deputy mayor, Huzhou Nan Taihu New District Party Work Committee, Zhang Shuhun, Honeycomb Energy President Yang Hongxin and other parties, the leaders of the contract, the main person in charge of the Hushu Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Nanhai Lake New Area, Department of Honeycomb Executive participation in the signing ceremony.

It is reported that the honeycomb energy is in the 20GWH project of investment and construction in Huzhou South Taihu New District, with approximately 755 mu, total investment of 7 billion yuan. Yang Hongxin said in the signing on-site speech, in recent years, the honeycomb energy has been investing in product development and new production line construction. At present, the seven R & D centers have been laid out in the world, and the company’s unique high-speed laminated process and cobalt battery are in manufacturing technology and technology. All are in the world’s leading level, and the number of new patent open in 2020 ranks first in the national industry. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, honeycomb continues to expand its own business, and actively explore the global market. The signing of the Southern Taihu New District project is an important step in the expansion of honeycomb energy production, accelerating the implementation of strategic objectives. In the future, the company will go all out, continuous innovation, and achieve rapid and high-quality development of the Huzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Great contributions to the development of new energy battery industries and the soaring of Huzhou economy.

Huzhou Municipal Government Party Group, Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the South Taihu New District, Wu Zhiyong, director of the management committee, gave a speech on the resident of Hushu Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and South Taihu New District, said warm welcome, and said this Southern Taihu New District Union with honeycomb energy, will bring strong power to the development of regional economy and service national new energy industry.

In recent years, with the development of new energy industries, it has become a global consensus, and the research and development and production of new energy industries in various countries enters the “fast lane” of rapid development. As the new power of the new power industry in China, the new energy industry has boldly innovate in the development of new energy industries, continuously introducing high-speed laminated technology, cobalt battery, cold bee system, car grade AI intelligent manufacturing plant and other new processes , New materials, new standards, and rapid emergence. Enteruring 2021, the production capacity of honeycomb energy is rapidly decisive. On January 27, the honeycomb energy and Suining signed a 20GWH power battery production base construction agreement, and the time was less than one month. Yang Hongn revealed that by 2025, the total capacity planning of the honeycomb energy global layout will be upgraded from the original 100GWH to 200GWH, and the production capacity is new.

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