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In 2021, there are two largest open secrets in the automotive industry:

One is Apple is making a car. The other is Tesla in research and development “China’s localized model”.

At present, Apple has not yet been evaluated for the first message.

The second message has already ushered in a real hammer.

Screenshot from Pacific Car

At the end of January, the President of Tesla China said in an interview:

“(Tesla), in China’s original design, engineering research and manufacturing capacity, to create a car, represent China’s aesthetic element, represent China’s engineering power, and finally sold around the world.”

The confirmation of this news, the impact on the China’s local markets even far more than the news of the apple.

Because Tesla’s Chinese localized models will be a model positioned at 150,000 yuan.

This interval means that Tesla is killing the interregion of domestic independent brand and joint venture brand fuel trains.

Some people call this car as “Model 2”.

If MODEL 3 is coming, seizure the domestic luxury brand entry model and the market share of high-end brand in autonomous vehicle enterprises.

Model 2 will kill the old nest of major cars.

1, Tesla’s domestic process

On April 22, 2014, Ellen Mask came to China for the first time and transfer the first batch of Model S to Li Xi, Cao Guowei, Yu Yongfu and other industry names.

This batch of delivery marks Tesla officially entered China.

This home starts in Silicon Valley, which will change the electric vehicle enterprise in the global auto market pattern just opened the Nuggets in the Chinese market.

In the next few years, the first batch of Model S represented by Li Xi and others, the MODEL X owner continued to the vomiting of the vehicle.

But whether it is Tesla’s high-tech, high performance is the charm of Mask himself, and it has gained a large batch of loyalty and fanatic fans in the Chinese market.

In 2017, the annual delivery of Tesla in the Chinese market reached 20,000 levels.

More importantly, Tongxra began small batch delivery of Model 3 in the United States.

For Tesla, Model 3 priced between $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 is a vital model.

This model is positioned as a Volkswagen model / entry-level luxury car by maintaining Model S / X high-tech and high performance.

Model 3 is the last ring of Mask Master Plan, which will sweep the BBA in several years later.

In July 2018, Tesla was in the United States, in the United States, in terms of hell-like season, the company decided to build a super factory in Shanghai to expand capacity.

In 2019, the Shanghai Super Factory broke the ground. In less than a year, the Chinese Model 3 began delivery.

Through 2020, Tesla delivered nearly 130,000 Chinese Model 3 in China.

The efforts of Model 3 and Model Y also drive Tesla stock price, its market value of up to 800 billion US dollars.

It is precisely because of the rise of China’s market sales, Tesla can be close to 50,000 goals in the world in 2020.

If the domesticization of Model 3 and Model Y is Tesla in China’s gold growth opportunities.

The localized model designed for China will further pick up the Tsra’s domestic banner.

2, Chinese style “Model 2”: 16 – 200,000 yuan?

As Zhu Xiaotong said: a Tesla model designed and produced for Chinese consumers is brewing.

This is more step more than “China Manufacturing” Tesla, will truly realize localized design, research and development, and production.

Zhu Xiaoxi called “a very important opportunity in China.”

This model can be seen in the second stage of the Shanghai Super Factory Project (Phase I) of January. The EIA report shows that the project has added a new pure electric vehicle, the production process of the coating, welding and assembly, and the construction of the model, and the production capacity of Model 3, Model Y models and related derivatives will be added.

It is also particularly mentioned:

When Tesla has introduced a new model, it is first produced in the US California Fremont Industrial Factory, then introduced into the Chinese market, and a new introduction strategy is adopted for a certain model (original text) Tesla, directly China Local production.

Therefore, this project is equipped with a “new model initiation project” and the test content is:

This project will conduct new models in existing plants to launch relevant tests and research work, including testing of important equipment and production processes, product size verification, matching components matching, etc., the project test cycle is about 6 months ……

In fact, there is not long after the domestic MODEL 3 in the early 2020, “Tesla Recruitment” officially invited the original Tesla model design work, and launched the recruitment of design talents.

At that time, its keywords were the “Chinese style”, and they also played the slogan of “Let the most beautiful Chinese art integrate into the future Tesla”.

Tesla created “China’s special car” practice is not fresh.

In order to grab more share in China, the joint venture car company has also launched a model for the design and creation of Chinese consumers. For example, the public launched LaVida.

LaVida is a generation of gods in the sale of China’s sedan sales, and the rivers and lakes said: China specially supplied car nasal ancestors.

This time, Tesla China’s uniqueness is the uniqueness of the smart electric car to the traditional fuel car.

This will further enhance the competition difficulty in China’s electric vehicle market after Model 3 and Model Y.

In the same period, foreign media also reported Tesla, also developed a local model that smaller than MODEL 3 more.

In view, Tesla should launch “Model 2” in China (Shanghai Factory) and Europe (Berlin Factory).

This may be two independent localized projects, or it is also a “horse horse” project for a model.

All news of foreign media: This car has completed the previous development, which will be built based on Model 3 platform, with lower cost of lithium iron phosphate battery, which is the fastest possible in Shanghai Super Factory in Shanghai Super Factory.

This car is compared to Model 3 and Model Y.

The price is lower (around 16 to 200,000);

More suitable for China and Europe consumers;

Start production directly in Shanghai factory;

Follow-up will be sold from China to overseas markets;


3, Tesla China Design Center, the first full function design center outside the United States

When the outside world is full of “Chinese style”, when the “Chinese style” is full of curiosity, Mask gives the answer when speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2020.

He clearly said that Tesla in China is going to conduct many original project development, not simply moving the US things directly to China, but in China, the original design and original engineering development.

The Iron Man is a voice, and then “Tesla Recruitment” once again issued the article, clearly indicating that it is forming the “Tesla China Design Center”, and said the center is the first complete outside Tesla. Functional Design Center. “

At the same time, the center opened the recruitment of talent, including: Chief designer, chief creator, and senior vehicle designer, etc.

After a long time, Tesla has been looking for design director in China, which is to open a complete and functional design center in Shanghai or Beijing, and design electric vehicles in accordance with Chinese consumers.

Interestingly, in early February this year, the ideal of Beijing is also announced in Shanghai to establish a R & D center with new cars full R & D capabilities.

Plus Baidu Motor Company, the research and development center of Zhishao Automobile, Weima, and the original new and old car enterprises, Shanghai once again became the battlefield of the intelligent car era.

The heart of the car From the relevant informed people, Tesla’s human resources department and the cooperative headhunting company have been searching for the right candidates, Tesla’s requirements for the design director of the Chinese car are: understand “Chinese and American double culture” It has a 20-year experience in the industry, familiar with the Chinese consumer taste, and can bridge the cultural difference between China and the United States.

But so far, this position is still vacant.

Of course, the localization or “Chinese style” is designed, only a part of Tesla “China Special Car”, and is more important to achieve localized from scratch throughout the engineering research and development. This has been reflected in the enrollment position released in Tesla official website. For example, Tesla has released a lot of positions related to vehicle engineering research and development, focusing on Shanghai Lingang.

According to the heart of the car, Tesla has now dug in some research and development talents from the SAIC General, the Pan Asian Technology Center.

4, Tesla R & D Localization Process

Tesla entered China in 2013, set up China’s headquarters in Beijing, and later set up an operation center, settlement center, and sales company in Beijing.

Zheng Shunjing, the first general manager of Tesla China opened the first store in China, established its sales and after-sales service team, and completed a series of preparations delivered by Tesla in China.

Tesla was currently the president of the Greater China, and the first batch of Tesla’s charging piles were responsible for the establishment of the first batch of Tesla’s charging piles to some extent.

These two troops are sold at both ends of sales and car service and sell roads in China.

Beginning in April 2014, Tesla delivers the first MODEL S in China.

As sales increases, the owners have more and more, the demand for after-sales service is increasing, which also forcing Tesla to build a vehicle engineering team in China to better serve China owners.

A good example is in October 2015, Tesla pushed 7.0 new system.

The biggest feature of this version is to provide automatic driving functions including automatic driving, automatic side counter, automatically change lanes.

In November 2015, Wang Wenjia, Engineering Director, Tesla Asia Pacific, mentioned a lot of work in the development of the Chinese technical team at Tesla 7.0 new system at interviews.

He introduced, “We got the actual engineering vehicle to ran in China, and record the data and the problems found, then put it in the system, what is caused by the reason, this workload is very huge. In addition to research and development work related to automatic driving functions, there are also localized adaptation work such as navigation, road conditions, and we have been doing this, and have been tested for a long time before a few months. “

From Wang Wenjia’s expression, we can actually see that from 2015, Tesla China has established a software technical team, mainly responding to the localization of the in-vehicle system and related OTA work.

You know, the entire 2014 Testra is delivered in the Chinese market with only 3,500.

One interesting detail is except for market, sales, after-sales, service, procurement.

Since November 2016, Tesla China has two technical posts that have been recruiting:

One is the supporter engineer for car entertainment system;

The other is an automatic auxiliary driving product support engineer.

These two major systems can be said to support Tesla as the key to smart electric vehicles.

This is also somewhat explanatory, the previous Tesla China has always intentionally creates a localized technology R & D team, but it is not as shown in China’s design and research and development centers, and establishes a clear goal of developing Chinese local models.

Tesla truly attaches importance to China’s local technological innovation in July 2018.

At that time, at the vice president of Tesla, the Asia Pacific President Ren Yuxiang, Tesla plans to establish a scientific and technological innovation center in Beijing and will gradually expand, and 2020 R & D will exceed 100.

According to the presentation, Tesla Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center business scope covers product operations, production and research and development, etc. in China and Asia Pacific, mainly including:

Electric vehicles and spare parts, batteries, energy storage equipment, photovoltaic product technology and information technology research, development, research and development results, technical services and consultation, etc.

According to the plan, Tesla Technology Innovation Center will build and expand its business, including:

Software and hardware, process and technology development, localized application access and development, China and Asia Pacific data analysis, intelligent network automotive technology research and development, support diversified localized operation, production and research and development.

Tesla Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center is basically considered R & D center in Tesla in China.

On July 12, 2018, when Kobe and Chuang Center was prepared, Mask also came to Beijing and Beijing mayor Chen Jining contend.

Ingenious, in this past 3 days, Tesla and Shanghai Langang Management Committee, the Lingang Group signed a pure electric vehicle project investment agreement, which is the later Shanghai Super Factory Project. One hand is the manufacturer of Shanghai, and the other hand is Beijing’s localized science center, R & D and manufacturing, Mask’s requirements for Tesla China are also arrested.

At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Tesla Global Vice President Ren Yixiang once again draped China’s localized research and development, he said, “Tesla’s localization will involve the full life cycle of the whole vehicle.”

It is clear that it is clear that Tesla’s domestic chemistry is not only manufactured.

Soon after Ren Yuxiang, Tesla released a recruitment announcement in September 2019, recruited Factory Firmware Teams, and the working place was Shanghai Lingang.

Software: Many sensors, drivers, drives, motors, etc. need electronically controlled components, need to have a set of programs to control them, and this set is called firmware.

The firmware has mastered the control strategy behind the air conditioner / low pressure / high pressure / drive system, which is Tesla’s “smart brain”.

By upgrading firmware, correcting components potential fault hazards, or increases and improves some new features, just like system updates to smartphones.

For example, in the V10 version of the V10 released in Tesra in August 2019, it has added a new vehicle video playback such as the upgrade.

The firmware R & D team recruited in China, including two positions of firmware integration engineers, firmware integration technicians, including automotive firmware deployment, application development, providing problems solutions, and communication with US headquarters.

Established firmware R & D team in China means that Tesla further enables improved R & D technology to achieve localization.

Moreover, in the vehicle software layer, Tesla is also vigorously recruiting software engineers, including information entertainment systems, map navigation, mobile apps, etc.

In order to investigate the Chinese design and research and development center, Tesla is also specially let several senior employees come out and attract talents.

In the article “Into Tesla China Vehicle Software Team” released by Tesla Recruitment, we learned about some of the status of the Tesla China Vehicle Software Team.

In Tesla has worked for 11 years, Evan Small was the Chief Development of Tesla Chief Software Engineers and Tesra Information Entertainment Software Team.

Evan’s work center is an info software that basically includes all software running on a vehicle display and on a server, which is used to support car current media, music, navigation, and speech recognition, including a series of games.

He said, “Most of the history of Shang Tesra is carried out in the United States, but because China is a very important market in Tesla, there are very many excellent engineers in China, so we decided to establish a one here. Local team, we plan to develop all the software of the car. “

This also means that in the future, there will be a localization team to develop all software.

The engineers of the Tesla Mobile App Development team said:

The owner app is the bridge of the user and vehicle communication. Through this app, the user can set the phone as the key of the vehicle, control the behavior of the vehicle, check the status information of the vehicle, planning the appointment service, and can even pass the vehicle Go to the owner. At present, most members of the entire team are in North America, while China R & D Center has just begun to form.

In the introduction of the Texer Chaoza Service Engineering Team Engineering Manager, he mentioned that his team’s duty is to provide some local demand for the engineering R & D team throughout the North America, including some local market feedback, and some new products land. .

It can be seen from the information disclosed by these employees. The Tesla China R & D team has enclosed factory firmware, vehicle software, engineering services, etc., which have formed a complete China’s local R & D center to lay a foundation.

5, Tesla native research and development

From the localization of production, the localization of design, R & D, Tesla is constructing a complete capacity closed loop to support the “China Special Car”.

Today’s Tesla, Shanghai Super Factory has achieved 100% localization rate, and Shanghai’s super charging pile production plant has also been put into production.

Not far from the future, Tesla China is likely to grow into the general existence of the headquarters of Testla North America.

In the past, industrial development history tells us that the automotive market is almost certain.

For example, Central European Japan has cultivated car giants in their own regions. Only by understanding local consumers can create products that are suitable for local consumers to get the final success.

For China’s consumers, Tesla 2 may be a more sincere special car.

For China’s supply chain, help Tesla will kill the price of smart electric vehicles from 15 to 200,000 yuan, which will undoubtedly bring greater cost and technical test.

Once you enter Tesla’s new car supply chain, it also means how many orders are sold.

In terms of China’s own brands, it is necessary to increase research and development investment in the intelligent and intelligent electric vehicles of fuel vehicles.

After all, the country introduced Tesla, “squid”, is to force the self-study and seek new and seek to promote the large-scale China Smart Electric Auto Market to make great strength.

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