Compared to single-speed transmission, the two-speed transmission can minimize the motor at a high-efficiency interval to reduce the effect of power consumption and improve the life. That is to say, the model of installing the two-stage speed can take into account performance and economy. Moreover, it can achieve the same performance performance by smaller motors.

At present, some companies have begun to develop two gear gearbox, which has been equipped on the PHEV model and gradually introduces it to the pure electric market.

Guangqi new energy two-speed dual motor integration “four-in-one” electric drive system

The new energy source has also released its latest high-performance electric drive scheme: “Two-Billed Double Motor Tour-in-One Integrated Electric Drive”, this program is integrated with two motors and controllers, and is achieved. 340kW power performance, wheel torque can reach 6100N · m, simultaneous combination torque, speed intelligent dynamic adjustment, motor frequency conversion control, and motor active heating and residual heat utilization, the integrated driving efficiency reaches 90%, the mileage is more common Become 3%. The program is compared to two single-motor three-in-one programs, and the power is achieved by 13%, the volume decreases by 30%, and the weight is reduced by 25%. And has a single-shot single motor, a single-shifting dual motor, two-speed dual motor, etc., and high-speed performance and economy, and has OTA functionality, it can update iteration through algorithm, improve performance, optimize energy consumption, bring consumption Changxin driving experience.

SAIC MARVEL R Dual Motor Double Bill Driver Technology

The two-drive and four-wheel drive of Marvel R use a dual motor double-stop drive technology on the rear drive shaft: 85 kW and 52kW of two permanent magnet synchronous motors are output after power-coupling by a double gear. It will make the secondary motor closed in different road conditions, and only keep the main motor.

The effect of the double gear gearbox is mainly used to improve the efficiency of the entire electric drive system, and the transmission is relatively small at 1 stop, and the torque is improved at low speed; 2 can improve the high-speed performance when it is high-speed.

Bosch Electric Vehicle Special CVT 4EV Stepless Transmission

Bosch announced the introduction of the special CVT 4EV non-set-speed transmission of electric vehicles. According to reports, the gearbox has functions responsible for controlling motor speed and motor torque, the system will control the output of the motor, and can improve acceleration capacity, and speed level will also increase, and the energy consumption is lower.

When driving at low speed in the urban area, the transmission can reduce the torque output of the electric vehicle to the wheel, starting more smooth, comfortable, avoiding the driving motor for a long time, high energy consumption. At high speed road conditions, the CVT transmission can reduce the driving motor speed to the most efficient (about 7000 to 9000 rpm), and the NVH performance of the whole vehicle is very good, at the same time Will be higher.

The data shows that since the CVT4ev’s stepless speed regulation is optimized to the operating point of the electric drive system, the optimal system efficiency (electric drive + transmission) under each working condition can be improved in WLTC working conditions. 4%, and higher efficiency can be achieved under a constant operating condition (such as a mileage increase of about 7% of the 60km / h).

Therefore, Bosch believes that there is a broader gear ratio, relying on small motor plus CVT4EV to achieve the same performance as high performance large-sized motors, and low energy consumption.

Porsche taycan two gear gearbox

Porsche applied two gear gear in the rear axle of Taycan, the purpose of pursuing better power performance and economy. It uses a multi-chip clutch control power, and controls the movement of the shifting manipulation mechanism by the motor to achieve the selection of different teeth ratio gears. The effect is that the acceleration performance of each different speed range segment is obtained more excellent than the single-stage gear.

BMW I8 matches GKN 2 speed shift

BMW I8 is a 2-speed automatic transmission that matches GKN for the motor of the drive front wheel. It adds an additional gear gear ratio to the motor, which can improve the acceleration performance of the vehicle while increasing the mileage of the pure electric mode.

Changan CS75 PHEV and Great Wall P8 PHEV adopts Schaeffler two gear reducer

Two-stop electric drive bridges are a driving solution for Schaeffler’s electric power for power assembly system. It can be applied to mix or plug in mixing and pure electric vehicles, and achieve electric four-wheel drive function. Currently, there is a plug-in mixed SUV Great Wall Wey P8 and Changan CS75 plug-in mixed SUV. [End]

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