Editor: In 2020, China’s electric car fire accident continued to increase. It should continue to pay attention to this all people think that the most important issue should continue. China’s largest charging operators have been tracking and trying to solve the fire accident of electric vehicles, and “electric car observers” continues to track record media reports. The 2021 expected 2021, special electricity and “electric vehicle observationers” jointly issued the “2020 electric car fire accident analysis”, hoping to provide a number of reference to the industry. Analytical data comes from network information finishing, for incomplete statistics.



2020 Accident Analysis Overview

According to incomplete statistics, the burning car reported by the media in January to December 2020 was 124, including 49% of the accidents of 7/8/9 and three months.

Overall, the 2020 boy accidents have improved significantly compared to 2019, and the possible reasons and features include:

1. The vehicle base becomes large. Excluding the influence of the epidemic, the 2020 accident rate (number of accidents / electric vehicle protection) and the basic level of 2019, did not present growth trends like the number of accidents. However, battery safety technology is improved, and the old vehicles are exit, the accident rate should be reduced;

2. From the perspective of accident statistics, the models of accidents often focus on several models. Even if the new battery security has been greatly improved, the high-risk model of stocks is still a mine-free area until these cars gradually exit using hidden dangers; and the more, the vehicle enterprise is not good, the more easy Reflexible, and the vehicle cannot be repaired until an accident was scrapped until an accident was scrapped.

3. Until now, there is no complete set of battery fault defect monitoring discovery and recall processing mechanisms. The high-risk models mentioned earlier have always existed, and the vehicle enterprises and charging operators are clear, but the supervision department is not necessarily known, the reason is the lack of this mechanism.


Accident subdivision dimension analysis

1. Analysis by month

The number of accidents in the 2020 increased significantly. In 2019, the statistical comparison of burning accidents in the industry is visible. It is affected by the epidemic in the first half of 2020, and the number of people in the country will be reduced. Therefore, the number of accidents in the first half of 2020 is less than 2019.

However, since May, the social life order was gradually recovered, and the 2020 burning accident was significantly higher than that in 2019, especially in August 20, in August, the number of accidents in 2019 is 10 years respectively. From the perspective of accident statistics from over the years, in September, the temperature decreased significantly, and the number of accidents should be significantly decreased, but the temperature was obvious in September 2020, but the accident decline was not obvious, and the number of accidents in July was flat. Excluding the influence of the epidemic, only from May to December, the 2020 incident increased by 47% compared to 2019.

2. Accident analysis

Through comparison of various provinces, the number of burning vehicles in the industry can be clearly seen that the number of accidents in the southern province should be significantly more than other provinces, mainly due to two points: First, the penetration rate of electric vehicles in the southern provinces is high, and the second is the South The urban summer temperature is higher.

As can be seen from the current month statistics and regional charts, in addition to the vehicle ownership, high temperature is an important incentive that leads to spontaneous combustion in vehicles.

In the accident month statistical distribution map, the summer is significantly more than the winter accident, and the only distinction between summer and winter is the temperature.

It can be seen from the accident area and city statistics, and the accident is in the southern city. Therefore, the temperature indicator of the vehicle battery pack is used as an important indicator of the self-ignition of the vehicle. It needs to perform key monitoring, especially the abnormal high temperature, temperature difference, temperature rise, etc. in the charging process, and should pay attention to it.

In April 2020, the electric car in a charging station in Shenzhen fired fire, and multiple electric vehicles burned.

3. Accidents by vehicle status analysis

For the vehicle in charging, standing, three state analysis statistics can be seen that during the charging process, it is 23% of the total number of accidents, and most of the vehicles occur in the driving and standing. However, this statistics are not allowed, because these accidents are collecting statistics in accordance with the media exposed accidents, the accident exposure of the road traveling process is high, and the accident in the vehicle operator and charging operation business is low due to timely disposal, the exposure rate will be low a lot of.

In 2019, the new energy car country major data alliance is shown in accident statistics from national regulatory platforms:

1) Most accidents occur in the standing stage of the charging end phase and afterwards;

2) Most accidents occur in the state of power battery;

3) In three stages of vehicle charging, standing, driving, the charging phase is the most suitable stage of the safety monitoring of battery indicators.

The development of electric vehicles is a national strategy that China has changed from the automotive power to the power of auto power, and all aspects of the new energy vehicle’s whole industry chain must participate. At present, the industry’s safety monitoring of electric vehicles, one is to rely on national regulatory platforms, industry regulatory platforms, and the second is to rely on car enterprises, but these two monitoring methods will eventually push the fault warning information to the car company. Do you have a tens of thousands of fault warnings every day, will it go to the consumer? If you are going to war, you will inevitably lead to a significant decline in the reputation of the car enterprise market. Therefore, the car company is often a wait-and-see attitude towards this fault warning, and whether there will be a self-ignition of the vehicle every day. At present, some charging operators in the industry have begun to carry out vehicle safety monitoring through large data technology, and charging operators are enterprises with direct consumers (charging users), so they tend to push the warning information to the safety of the vehicle safety – owner . Charging operators do vehicle safety monitoring from mode to walk. The three perspectives of the new energy vehicle national data alliance have proved that charging operators are technically feasible, and even better than the car meter platform.

In the current mainstream charging carrier, Special electricity continues to perform charging safety technology R & D applications, has continued for more than 5 years, technology has been relatively mature, and has a systematic product for users. It is characterized by establishing a two-layer protection mechanism for charging net, implanted in the charging network equipment layer, implanted large data analysis and automotive medical examination software in data layers, to learn, early warning electric car cars. Other operators have also begun to promote charging safety monitoring technology from 2020 and gradually applied them to practice.

In summary, the joint participation of all aspects of the electric car is required to fire the hidden dangers:

1) Vehicle Enterprises have the management of power battery safety, from battery essential safety design and production of long-selling full life cycle safety monitoring transformation.

2) Industry regulatory platform and car enterprise should improve the warning and supervision mechanism, and the vehicle users must be triggered, and the fault is checked in advance.

3) It should be used to play a market role, encouraging charging operators to provide security products from vehicle objective third-party vehicle users, as an essential as an essential to vehicle safety monitoring.


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