The Spring Festival has not passed, Tesla came again, and Zhu Xiaotong, president of China’s Chinese president of Tesla, revealed that the future will be more cheap Tesla model, and it is expected that the price will be 160,000 yuan. Suspected is the model 2 model of netizens guess.

But very fast Testla official response, this news is not real, and the report has a suspicion of breaking. Regarding the cheap Tesla model, the rumor between the rounds has been rumored several times, many consumers and so on are gratifying, will Tesla will make a 160,000 electric cars?

Want to figure out this problem, we first need a clear understanding, how is Tesla, how many companies, many domestic consumers will be a luxury car such as BBA or even Porsche, in fact, Tesla and Mask In terms of what they want to do is not a simple high-end electric vehicle. The reason why it is hidden to everyone, because Tesla’s first two models model model x / s price is high, and the price of imported cars into the domestic price is coming to millions of intercom, but with domesticization and new models The launch, Tesla’s price has gradually become civilized, and the price of new power is similar.

If you have to sign the traditional car company, Tesla is probably more like the public and Toyota. As Mask said, what he really wants to do is to create how luxurious brand in Tesla, but It is hope that the electric vehicle can enter thousands of households, let more and more people buy Tesla, buy electric vehicles, and he is working hard to this goal.

Testra has now improved the X / S / 3 / Y product matrix. The preliminary layout and planning have been very good, with a relatively high sales at home and abroad, but some problems in Tesla are Infinite zoom, such as the quality is not too hard, February 12 is more than 12,300 models of Model X in global compulsion.

The author believes that Tesla will definitely launch more cheap models. The Model 2 in the network is also a big probability event, but for Tesla, it is more important to protect the quality and maintaining the word of mouth, if only rely The brand effect of “luxury car” and consumers worship, I am afraid it will make a bigger problem, even Mask himself said, the production capacity of Tesla new cars is too large, the peak of the train The quality of the period will definitely decline, it is recommended that the owner “more and so”.

Even if Tesla’s fans are more tolerant, it is impossible to endure these shortcomings. It is a matter of priority to solve these pain points, and then expand the medium and low-end models. Otherwise, the order is stacked, the low-end model is lower, and more The problem will hurt the brand building in Tesla for many years.

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