In today’s auto market, new energy has undoubtedly become the first large market, better and more new energy models. Such a large environment has also created a batch of new energy brands and new potentials. Confused traditional luxury brands, especially BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, but there is nothing in the new energy market, and even the trend of being squeezed. Obviously, BBA has also seen this, which new energy models will be launched in 2021 BBA to save the situation? Let’s take a look.


BMW as the old brother of BBA, because a good name has become a lot of rich people, and its luxury status is self-evident. In order to increase the status of the new energy domain, two electric models are launched in 2021, which is BMW I4 and BMW IX.

Let’s talk about BMW I4, it is understood that the car will be listed in China in the second half of 2021, as well as it is known, BMW is known for handling, BMW I4 has inherited this, and it is more powerful in power. The car is equipped with the power system of the two-motor, the maximum power is 390kW, which also allows the car’s 100 kilometers to be controlled within 4 seconds. BMW I4 is also excellent in terms of battery life, and it is expected to reach 600 kilometers of WLTP. Very good.

Let’s talk about BMW IX. Unlike I4. BMW IX is a large SUV. The new car is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, but there are also news that new cars may postpone until 2022 listed. From the perspective of positioning, you can clearly see the BMW want to make achievements on different models. Back to BMW IX, the car is the SUV model built by BMW’s first pure electric platform, which means it more adapted to new energy than some oil modes. It is understood that there are many black technology, such as 5G technology, digital keys, and more.

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes-Benz has been touched in the electric field, such as the previous EQC and EQV, two models do not only sell, and it is also very popular in the wellness, that is, the success or failure of Mercedes-Benz EQA is more about Mercedes-Benz. It is understood that the car will be listed in China in the second half of the year.

In fact, for Mercedes-Benz, the influence of brand itself is unparalleled, and in terms of configuration, Mercedes-Benz EQA adds automatic cruising, reversing images, etc., the interior is also more excellent. The fact that affecting its sales is the price. Mercedes-Benz is famous in the car brand. If Mercedes-Benz EQA continues to maintain a high price, it may still choose Tesla or other new energy brands.

Audi E-Tron

Audi is now in an embarrassing position in the luxury brand, so it urgently needs to make achievements in the new energy field. And Audi E-TRON is the key to Audi’s turning over the country. It is understood that domestic Audi E-TRON will meet with us in April, with us, while the price of domestic Audi E-TRON will also announce. From the positioning of Audi E-TRON, its competitor is clear, it is a large-scale pure electric SUV model represented by Wei to ES8. In terms of battery life, domestic Audi E-TRON will use the battery pack of Ningde Times, NEDC battery life. It reached 500km, and if it can be improved in terms of battery life, it will become the preferred choice for people.

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