Before a few years, it is necessary to say that new energy cars, especially electric vehicles, and many friends’ attitude are waiting to be watched, and the quality of electric vehicles is not worrying. However, with the continuous development of related technologies, new energy vehicles have now been recognized by many consumers, and some electric vehicles in 2020 have even over the fuel truck. However, the pure tram does not completely have no shortcomings. The mileage anxiety problem of the pure tram has been difficult to resolve before charging technology has been significantly improved. In this case, the plug-in mixing model has its own vast market, which can give you a driving experience of your tram, and can also solve the mileage anxiety problem. Let’s talk about a few good-quality plug-in mixes, interested friends to see it.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-I pre-sale price 10.78-1478 million

BYD is a two-year-old car giants, and the quality of non-optical fuel vehicles is high, and it is one of the car companies that take the lead in the new energy field. And before this Qin Plus DM-I, Qin PRO’s reputation is very good. This new car is expected to be listed in March this year, equipped with BYD’s new DM-I super mixing system, which can guarantee reasonable release of performance during driving, and it is good to save energy, whether as young people The first car is still very good.

Master 6 mixed price is 14.58-17.58 million

Many friends are very familiar with the March 6, some netizens call it “independent version of the Civic”, which can be seen how much its handling performance. This Mr. 6 mixed version is equally excellent in fuel versions, the power combination of 1.5T + mixing system guarantees the booming power of this car, and the 100-kilometer acceleration is only 6.6 seconds, starting in the city. Feeling hard. In the case of pure, the car can support 70 kilometers of life, even if it is a slow charge situation, it can be full, if it is a short-distance commutation in the city, fuel economy is still very good.

Geely Fuming EPRO price is 12.58-14.98 million

Geely is also a big god-level enterprise in China, and many models have very good sales. The fuel version of this Geely EPRO has a nickname of “small steel gun”, which has a strong performance. Surprisingly, this Geely EPRO is not only a good performance on the fuel version, but the new energy model is full of products. Also the combination of 1.5T + mixing system, the integrated power can be up to 190 kilowatts, and the integrated torque is more than 415 dim, although it is a SUV model, but the power performance is not harder than some cars.

Overall, if there is no long-distance demand, the new energy vehicle has the best power configuration, whether it is performance output or fuel economy, has an advantage that fuel cars cannot match. However, electric vehicles also have their own innate shortcomings, that is, the charging speed cannot be guaranteed, thus caused mileage anxiety problems make many car owners a headache. The benefits of plugging the mixing model are reflected, if you are interested, you can go to the 4S store to experience it.

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