In many types of automotive types, there is a model called it is “senile step”. This kind of car generally refers to mini cars, not only the elderly people can open. The reason why it is called this name, because there have been many careful electric vehicles, not very standard, and can not be listed on the road, can only be used in the village, “senile step” is therefore named. Talking about the microcontrol, it is that Wulinghong MINI EV. This car can say that it breaks people’s cognition, with cheap prices, and the appearance is cute to get the market recognition.

In foreign countries, there is also a car similar to Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, which is Micro Mobility Systems AG Microlino 2.0. This car is more compact than Wulinghong Mini EV, only two seats are called an egg truck. Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a look at its appearance, just like a small pudding, the lines are very smooth, there is no sharp line, giving him a whole, a round and lovely shape, and feel soft soft cute . The overall red white color is very good, the white roof looks clean, the front face is decorated with a black line, black and white color color is also very beautiful. But is there a little doubt, this car doesn’t have a light? Let’s take a look at its rear view mirror. Is it a bit cute? Just like a snail eye, this rearview mirror is so cute? In fact, this is its headlight. Is it not a flavor?

The side is very whole, and there are some micro-tunes relative to the front face, the design is still very delicate. There is no gap throughout the side, including the window of the window, then everyone has a question, where is the door? It is really amazing in the design of this door, its door is its entire face, this open door design, I don’t know if it is a surprise, then you don’t like this magical design?

So what is the power of such a soft cute? It is said that there are three choices for new cars: 8KWH, 14.4KWH lithium-ion battery selection, and the battery life is 125km and 200km, respectively. For the whole, everyday travel is still fully satisfied, it is said that he is also very modest to his own position, is a city special “four-wheeled motorcycle”. Indeed, foreign suburban rural areas are really possible to stop.

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