In the “Avengers 4”, “Iron Man” Tony Stark driving a pure electric Audi course, which is very expected. The good news is that the rumor “Iron Man” is finally produced.

On February 10, Audi E-TRON GT ushered in the world’s first show, officially released the first pure electric luxury GT model – E-Tron GT, two models with E-Tron GT Quattro and RS E-TRON GT Alternative.

As the brand under the same mass group, Audi E-TRON GT and Porsche Taycan are built with platform (J1 platform), and the future will work online with Audi R8 in the German Audi factory, which is expected to be listed in the year. So, what is the strength of the new car? Can you “become a famous battle”?

Appearance: Low Headrock, Stunning Design

From the look, as the flagship model of Audi in the electric vehicle field, the new car integrates more “electricization” elements on the basis of continuation of Audi’s consistent family design language, which is very in line with its product positioning.

Specifically, the low head, large rim, wide car body, long axis, short body is the first impression of this GT sports car, is stunning, making people unforgettable. The large and low body is equipped with a large size wheel, making the new car’s body ratio perfect, playing air kinetics to the extreme, the vehicle’s wind resistance coefficient is only 0.24.

The front of the new car is equipped with the large-size hexagonal honeycomb grill of the Audi family. The side is used in the side, and there is a frameless door, providing 19, 20,21 three sizes of hub, and more ultimate RS model It also standards the top 10 piston card clamp, which creates a strong sense of motion, and the tail shape is more rounded compared to RS7, and it extends through the through tail light.

In terms of the body size, the new car length is 4990/1960 / 1410mm, the wheelbase is 2900mm, and the high-performance coupe with Audi is very close, and the body that has a long-selling body has a certain spatial practicability. As a back-to-vehicle model, the Audi E-Tron GT’s body height is 17mm lower than the A7 Sportback.

Interior: double screen design, sports passion

In the car, you will find that the interior design is slightly “low-key” compared to the stunning design.

The new car did not use the four-screen design on Porsche Taycan, but simplifies the three-screen linkage on Audi A8 into a double screen, which is 12.3-inch meter and 10.1 inch control MMI touch display, which is also integrated into the Audi MMI information entertainment system. The user can also choose the HUD header display, air conditioning and some functional control return to the entity button.

Although the technology is still a progressive space, the new car is equipped with a high-low-high sports seat. It has the flat steering wheel wrapped in red suture and alcantara and the ubiquitous carbon fiber shape, which makes the exercise in the car very strong. It’s very passionate.

It is worth mentioning that the seats and carpets of the new car are made of recycled and reused materials, and additionally with adjustable air side pillows, temperature control, massage functions. The new car also has an E-Tron Sport Sound sound system. The system and Porsche Tycan have the same skill. It can be used in combination with the switch of the driving mode to make a different sound effect, driving more fun.

Power: powerful performance, long battery life

In terms of power, the new car will use the front and rear bridge dual motor, with a quittro system, and the permanent magnet synchronous motor is provided, and the rear axle is equipped with a two-stage transmission.

Among them, E-Tron GT Quattro maximum power is 350kW (about 476Ps), peak torque 630 n · m, and zero hundred acceleration can be up to 3.9 s; RS E-TRON GT maximum power is 440kW (about 598ps), peak torque 830 n · M, zero-hell acceleration can reach 3.3s.

In addition, the E-Quattro four-wheel drive system, the rear bridge limit slip differential, active steering, adjustable damping damping, driving mode selection and other hard goods are not absent on the new car.

In terms of endurance, the new car is equipped with a capacity of 93KWH, which is 86kWh, which uses a 800V voltage system, only 22.5 minutes of only 22.5 minutes, 5%. 80%. Among them, E-tron gt quattro reached 488km in WLTP operating conditions, RS E-TRON GT is 472km under WLTP operating conditions, and the NEDC endurance corresponding to the two new cars has exceeded 500km.

High-speed charging and high-performance pure electrical products mean that powerful heat dissipation, Audi E-TRON GT has a precision thermal management system, which has four cooling lines and high-efficiency heat pumps, and DC fast pretreatment.

In addition, the Audi E-TRON GT standards pre-collision safety system, the lane deviates from the early warning system, and “long-distance travel”, “urban road conditions”, “parking assist” system, three systems are included in the auxiliary driving system Edition. Write in the last:

As the flagship model of the Audi E-TRON family, E-TRON GT combines the avant-gard’s design language and powerful electric drive power performance, perfectly interprets the luxurious pure electric GT sports car, which is undoubtedly a productive product. The Porsche Taycan is unknowing. It not only establishes new benchmarks in the domestic luxury pure electric market, but also an important symbol of the Audi brand to turn on the electrification era. It is reported that the new car will officially enter the domestic market this year, and the little partners who are interested may wish to pay attention in advance.

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