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On February 9, 2021, California Transportation Administration DMV released the auto-driving road test data in 2020.

The two China automatic driving company Autox and’s MPI (Miles Per Intervertion, the average mileage interval of each takeover) indicators on the list, followed by Waymo, Cruise.

Compared with 2019, in the top five, Baidu did not report on the road test data in California in 2020, and rose to the fifth place.

2020 California Road Testing Company ranks first five

The average running mileage (MPI) each take over 10,000 miles

In 2020 road test data, a total of 63 California automated driving test licenses, including 34 companies in modern cars and several Chinese companies stopped in California test or not reported on road test data, the remaining 29 The company reported throughout the year road test data.

The 29 company totaled 1955,200 miles.

Affected by the epidemic, most of the total test miles of most of the company have declined in 2019.

Among them, Waymo, Cruise is the highest in the year test.

In the road test data released annually in DMV, the annual average travel mileage interval is one of the core indicators of the automatic driving technology level.

According to the latest 2020 road test data, Waymo returned to MPI this year.

Waymo is a head company in the world’s automatic driving field, as well as the world’s highest automatic driving company.

The Cruise MPI of General and Software Silver Investment is second, and in the top five companies, Cruise’s test area focused on the urban area of ​​San Francisco and the test road conditions were relatively complex.

The Autox test area is in the city of Silicon Valley, focuses on the East Gulmonte and South California, and the Argo Test area is located in Paropato, Stanford.

The top three Waymo, Cruise and Autox were issued by Cruise DMV, and this license is also one of the highest levels of gold content in the same field.

Waymo, Cruise, Autox’s MPI is between 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

The fourth fifth Pony and Argo are around 10,000 miles.

The fifth company’s MPI’s MPI is thousands of miles.

It is worth paying attention to Waymo’s financing after a round of financing in March 2020.

Cruise’s latest round of valuation in January 2021 has reached 30 billion US dollars, China’s Autox, Pony ponybral and Argo are unicorn companies.

The top three Waymo, Cruise and Autox showed the complete unmanned driving capabilities of the security officer in 2020, and Waymo and Autox have launched a complete unmanned Robotaxi trial operation that is not equipped with the security officers open to the public.

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