The new energy vehicle field, watch Tesla is the first place in the world, whether it is in the US local sales or overseas market performance, there is currently no company to compare with the new energy electric vehicle. In Tesla’s product sequence, each model has basically enformed, but Mask has repeatedly expressed many times that Tesla will specifically develop a new hatchback in the Chinese market. This time, Mask’s statement finally came, I believe this rendering map and the final real car should be similar.

Not long ago, foreign media exposed a set of Tesra hatchback rending renderings, friends interested in Tesla brand must be unfamiliar with this group of pictures, this group of pictures with previous exposed hatchback design The sketch has a great similarity, while also gives people a more perfect interpretation in the details. At the same time, a major feature of Tesla is that some parts between different models can be universal. This design can also be seen in the design of Model 3 and Model Y.

As can be seen from the picture, the car still continues the design of the Tsela brand’s model closed face, and the nunish design style is moving in this car. MoDel 3 and Model Y can be seen on the mirror of the hidden door handle and the mirror of the vehicle. However, the new car must have a new weather, the car as a new generation model, upgraded in the headlights of the vehicle, and the car looks more sharp.

However, with the front part of the front, the new car is in the design of the end of the car, and the old road of several models is basically used. The lamp group of the backlight is completely like Model 3. However, in the overall shape, there is still this car’s own style. Because it is a slightly hatred hat, the retaining glass is more erect, and this car can be seen in the current Tesla product sequence. The only model with a rear gentle wind and wiper.

Many friends said that this car only exists on the effect map, when can you see the real car? You may not know, Tesla has signed a agreement with Shanghai at the beginning of the establishment of Shanghai factory. At the end of 2023, Tesla will pay $ 2.23 billion to the Shanghai Municipal Government every year. If this condition Can’t reach, then the corresponding land must be returned. That seeing there is a lot of friends who should understand that Tesla has recently cut prices, and also launched a domestic model y, which is forced to do this under the pressure of this agreement.

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