Lead: The automotive industry is experiencing a change in a hundred years. The Chinese auto industry is in a storm center, because the burden of China’s automobile industry is smaller than the European and American auto industries, the transformation change is leading the world; however, the transformation of transformation is full thorns. The NE Age hopes to track and record the transformation and innovation of enterprises in the big change by special planning [change · breaking] high-end interview column column. This interview target: Cao Yanyei, senior Vice President of British Faling Technology, and the person in charge of the Motor Electronics Division.

In the dialogue between the senior vice president of British Vice President and the person in charge of the Motor Electronics Division, the NE era is very clearly known to the person in charge, and the company is confident.

This self-confidence is derived from their foresight and execution of the use of a semiconductor trend.

“The development trend of the automotive industry has three aspects: 1) Electricization; 2) ADAS; 3) Comfort and high quality. Electric cars are essentially rapidly evolved in these three aspects.” Automotive electronics, these trends means that the vehicle power device, sensor, controller specific gravity, and performance requirements are greatly improved, and semiconductors will play a decisive role in the transformation of this automotive industry.

In the face of trend, British Failock will build itself into the world’s largest vehicle semiconductor company through acquisition, joint venture, and continuous iteration, expansion, adaptation, and response trends.

Yingfei Ling Technology Great China Senior Vice President and the person in charge of the Motor Electronics Division, Cao Yanfei

What is the secret of becoming a global car semiconductor NO.1?

The acquisition can bring “1 + 1 = 2” city accounting growth, but to create a comprehensive competitiveness of “1 + 1> 2”, depending on the technical reserve and supply chain management. This is especially true for car grade chips that are more effective, and the supply system threshold is high.

“The most distinctive features of the British Flyley power device layout are:” Cao Yanfei believes, “such as IGBT modules, is a very small core component of all new energy vehicles, the performance of new energy vehicles is critical. Infineon is the world’s premier IGBT supplier, which has a leading advantage in product performance, species, stability, and consistency. “

According to his introduction, Yingfine can provide both discrete devices or modules. Moreover, it provides some comparative mainstream power semiconductor packages for different electrification levels and using scenarios, including low pressure MOSFETs, discrete devices package, three-phase module package, double-sided water-cooled packaging, and Easy half bridge module package.

“Diversified IGBT product layout can accelerate the development process of our customers.”

He further explained: “Taking the main inverter application as an example, the discrete device is mature in the industry, using applications where power is small, A00, A0 electric vehicles are used more. And subsidizes Surnse caused A00 The market share has declined, the market turns to the models above the A level A higher power. After the power is improved, if you use the discrete device, you need more parallel. And more than a problem, it will be prone to problems, for example, how Ensure that the consistency of each parallel device is a key issue. Therefore, high-power models are more suitable for the application of three-phase modules. “

Double-sided water-cooled modules are also the trend of future development. Double-sided water is better heat dissipation, improve power density, and compares the use of high space occupation requirements for hybrid vehicles.

A variety of product layout has produced good effects. According to the research on the NE era, there are more than half of the new energy passenger motor controller for domestic new energy, and the HP series of HP series products. According to Yingfeilon, 15 of the world’s global TOP 20 pop-up models use the British Flyley power semiconductor products, and 35 models are expected to use English-Flyley power semiconductor products in 2020 to 2021.

So far, the global shipments of the Yingfeilon HybridPackTM Drive IGBT modules have exceeded 1 million. And in the recent entrance, Yingfine announced that the product line of Wuxi plant will be expanded, and the car HybridPackTM double-sided cooling IGBT module and other power semiconductor production lines.

Due to the fact that life and property safety, the certification of the vehicle rule is in addition to the technology, and there is also a test of production. “We will guarantee that the product has excellent quality and consistency to meet the strive requirements of the product quality on the quality of the product. The product defect rate in Wuxi Factory in Yingfei Ling is only less than 4 defects in every 1 billion products. “

Which products will invest in the future?

In addition to the Si-based IGBT, the SiC-based power devices of the car enterprises are also the focus of the R & D research and development of Yingfei Ling. Out of the need for miniaturization, more pressureable power devices, Tesla, Daimler, BYD, etc. have begun to use or develop the next generation of SiC inverters. Therefore, the development of semiconductor vendors to the next generation of car SIC power devices is essential.

Infineon will focus on the next generation of more efficient, higher current density semiconductor technology, including Si and SiC, including Si and SiC to provide higher power density, higher integration, more and more flexible packaging mode new product.

“From the point of view of new energy vehicles, the amount of battery and battery installation is the key. SIC technology can significantly improve the life mileage, or under the same endurance, reduce battery installation and cost. This is a more and more car factory Start planning the reasons for the new SiC technical solution. “For a variety of XEV systems, Yingfeilon has introduced a wide range of SiC’s solutions, including CoolSicTM car diodes, CoolsicTM car MOSFETs, using HybridPackTM Drive Package Coolsic TM silicon carbide MOSFET module, etc. At the same time, in order to better support SiC’s application, Yingfailing also developed the next generation Si / SiC-compatible EICEDRIVER TM series pre-drive chip, will match the 32-bit AurixTM series microcontroller of Yingfine’s car and PMIC power management chip provides customers with a system-level solution to ASIL-D functional security standards.

HybridPackTM Drive with car CoolSicTM technology

According to Cao Yanfei, there are currently more than 20 vehicle products and Tier 1 suppliers at home and abroad, and the SiC product of British Failing is under use. CoolsicTM Schottky DioDe has been applied to an OBC system of a major automotive platform in Europe and is preparing. And HybridPackTM Drive has been placed in the inverter system of a major electric vehicle manufacturer in Asia.

“Infineon is currently developing the second generation of CoolSICTM technology, we have discussed the second generation of products on the second generation of products and got a very positive feedback.”

However, Cao Yanfei also emphasized that Si and SiC technology will coexist for a long time in the automotive electricization process, and Si will remain mainstream in the next five to ten years. This is from Bailing to understand the different types of new energy automotive systems.

a) For mixed models such as Hev / Phev, the assembled battery is relatively limited, and the integrated system efficiency increase in SIC is relatively limited, so the Si-based IGBT module will be higher cost options.

b) For pure electric Bev, the improvement of the comprehensive efficiency of the SIC is very considerable, especially in the case of using a large-capacity battery, can significantly extend the endless mileage. High performance, high-power density requirements is more urgent for SiC’s demand, and representative examples are RWD (rear-wheel drive) controllers that require continuous operation; and for small urban home pure electric vehicles, cost is greater The battery has a relatively small amount of installed, and SIC is relatively small for battery life and battery cost. In response to this model, Si is still the preferred solution.

It can be seen that the choice of devices is more reasonable to consider the selection of the device from the perspective of the overall cost effectiveness (ROI).

“As a leading power semiconductor manufacturer, Yingfeilling has always focused on the long-term trend of market demand, continuously investing various resources for innovation, continuous optimizing products and solutions.” In Cao Yanfei, Yingfeiling has It is fully prepared to meet the revolution of the automotive industry. [End]

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