With the hot sale of Wulinghong MINI EV, the entire electric mini car market is also ignited. Many brands have launched a small electric vehicle to compete for the market, and the zero run is one of them. Recently, a car named Zero T03 400 is listed. What kind of surprise will this car will bring?

In terms of appearance, its front face design, the whole face is very cute, I seem to have seen a very cute baby, and two big pear turns, really cute. Why do you see it? Let’s take a look at its headlights, the headlight is a round shape, and there is still a circle design in it, just like the big eye of the god in the eyes. Where is the mouth? Let’s see the intermediate, the closed grille design is a flat oval shape, the middle is its label and charging port, and it seems to be a slight line design that seems to be a slight row, it is very image. . Look at the intake port on both sides, is it suddenly getting Get to the pear turn. A set of solutions is that it is also gorge that Get is a cute cute doll face design in my eyes?

Then let’s take a look at its side, the whole side is very full, the waist line is a slightly rising line, just like a small girl with your theory, with the little girl we see, The front face of the pear, is your mind in my mind or a state of culprit?

We continue to go to the end of the car, the whole tail is also a cute, and the landscape of the lack is very rich, the taillight is very cute, and the black trim link is like a boat pulley, the bottom is also done. The design is surrounded by the design, which increases the overall tail of visual height.

Then let’s take a look at its interiors? Interior color color is a classic gray system, and the whole is simple, and the full liquid crystal dashboard plus 10.1-inch suspended central control screen also adds the integral interiors. Not only that, it also has a lot of technology systems, Leap ON smart vehicle systems, ABS wheel anti-lock, ECS body stability control, HLA upper slope, etc., make your driving more convenient and safe.

So what is its driving force? The car is equipped with zero-rapid research and development is my Heracles electric drive assembly, the maximum power is 55 kW; the battery is the high-performance lithium battery in Ningde Times, the endless mileage (NEDC) is 403 kilometers, and the daily family of general families will be met. Travel is still more than enough.

In terms of selling price, the zero Rotary T03 400 light enjoys 59,800, and the price of Mitsubarahong MINI EV although the price is slightly expensive, whether it is an interior or power than the macro Mini EV, perhaps the new choice for consumers.

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