Recently, there is news, and the inside of Kaewo car conducts personnel adjustment, the original opening of the Passenger Division of Jiangsu Kaewo Auto Co., Ltd., Yang Guang, deputy general manager of the Marketing of Kaewo Automobile Co., Ltd., has been promoted to the Kaowo Group Passenger Division Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Kaewhaling Automobile Co., Ltd., will be a major manager of the Marketing Center of Jiangsu Province, which will comprehensively hosted a marketing work of Kaifu Group’s Tianmei Automobile Brand. With this adjustment, Tianmei Automobile also further transmitted its acceleration to the market and developed the determination of the intelligent electric vehicle market.

Comprehensive personal resume, Yang Guang is undoubtedly a wonderful marketing. In the early days of career, Yang Guang has worked in BYD, and with the current general manager of BYD. The unique marketing pattern.

Since then, Yang Guang has been serving the China Auto Independent Brand. It has been important positions in the brand department, the market department, the channel department and sales, and develops a hard work style of work, the wind, and grounding. In the future, Yang Guang will rely on unique experience in the field of passenger cars and the style of pragmatism, and bring new marketing model for newborn brand Tiandamai, and will try new at the same time. More marketing models such as retail, and deeply connect the subsidy of the control brand and even the product to this better.

For the current Tiandamai Automobile, Yang Guang is also impossible to serve. As the heavyweight of the Kaewo Group and the Skyworth Group, Tiandamai Automobile starts with high standards, leading the industry in many aspects such as technical reserves, product research, development, team construction, and has a whole industry. Chain and a number of independent innovation patented technology. At present, the health intelligent pure electric intermediate SUV-Tianmei ET5 has been officially launched, and Yang Guang’s most important task is to think about how to quickly push the quality products to the market, realize and the Xiaopeng G3 and Guangqi Yan Aion V The same competition, even the exceeding the competition.

Overall, Yang Guang’s horses will be a very far-reaching active role in the Tiapi Motor Brand, on the one hand, the new brand is needed to have a rich 80-year-old yestera will lead the way; another In terms of the overall brand positioning of Tiandamai Automobile, the brand of Yang Guang’s past service is the same, such as the outstanding quality of innovation, pragmatic, will deepen the symptoms of the two, driving the brand to the new stage Let us look forward to the follow-up development of Temple!

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