On February 7, there were netizens who were referred to as @ 不 看 车 反, “There is a problem with the Baas contract. The contract deadline is in 2099. Only vehicle scrap can be terminated in advance. Even if it is sold to the official, if no one Take the board, this battery fee is still going. (To confirm this) I don’t know why so big bug is not paid attention to, spurting “

From the netizen’s parentheses, he is a very rigorous person. But because there is only a text description, there is no other information, @ 不 看 车 can only reply “I don’t pay attention to”, “Now the car does not report the annual requirements?”

The netizen continues to feedback, “Some netizens stepped on the pit, or the Sinba owner. This sentence is not good, the routine consumers are.”

As a Tesla owner, I have been paying more attention to it, involving contract details, and I don’t dare to speak more. So, @ 不 看 车 Please come to the owner’s signing contract “Power Battery Rental and Service Agreement”, after watching it, and repeatedly done a problem.

There are a few things to remind the owners, you can pay attention to:

1. In annex I 1.2, the third party who is not a blue company authorized to provide [Driving] service in the service, the driving battery is not damaged by the quality of itself, and the owner needs to be responsible for the battery damage. And related losses. The driving driver here, and the driver who is called after the wine can be marked. I am uncertain, but I feel [Driving] When driving, the battery is damaged, they can refuse free repair.

2, I saw a paragraph on Weibo a few days ago, saying that it is so hot now, the price is so high, you can buy a free car and make money with the car battery to make money. This is okay to see it, but if it is true, it is completely incapable. Because they are written in Annex I 1.3 “Damage that will be used as fixed batteries as fixed batteries, it is necessary to undertake battery damage and related losses.” Understand, this battery can only be treated as a power battery Used as other uses, they can refuse free repair.

3, in Annex II 6.2, said that when the car is transferred, the battery lease agreement needs to synchronize the signing of the suedling contract. If this is not doing this, the cost of the battery will always be on the main head of the old car. Moreover, @ 不 看 看 车 看 看 7 7 7 7 7 7 电 7 电 电 电 电 电 电 时 时 电 电 电 电 电 电In other words, as long as it is aware that the vehicle can be used, the battery rental fee has been handed over.

4, in the Tesla car owner, often some people say how to deal with the country, how do you deal with it? Some people are simply inserted into the garage, so that the vehicle is self-destroy. In this case, if you are encountered by the owner of the Baas, how can you deal with it? Go to Terminate the battery lease contract? This is entirely available, but there must be clear: 1. Annex III 7.3 has been stated, and some electronic components may be damaged if the power battery is not mounted. That is, if you don’t want to spend the rental fee, you have to bear the risk of the vehicle. Second, in Annex II 7.2, it is written, and the termination of the rental needs to pay for 3 months rent +1500 yuan to remove the fee. After the termination, I want to use it, and the contract is required to pay the contract and pay 1500 yuan installation fee.

Finally, the friend’s summary is very simple, “Select time and cool, change the crematorium”.

Others don’t say much, @ 不 看 看 提 remind everyone, be sure to pay attention to the above points when buying a car, and then place it carefully. The contract did not end the date, listening is quite scary!

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