“My bought car is too intokive.”

The 42-year-old Dynasty has summarized his first purchase of tram. Lao Wang has always wanted to buy a high-performance Model 3 (P version for more than three months, and four orders have been changed in the middle, but they have not been able to pay. Finally, I haven’t bought this long-lasting version Model Y. It can be said that he is completely forced, and it is still blind.

At the same time, the Tselamen stores have no attitude before and after sales, so that he is very collapsed, even ready to give up the deposit, do not buy Tesla.

However, after a period of time, he felt that this car was very good, and there was no regret that the p-version Model 3 has gradually disappeared.

What kind of experience is this?

Recently, I chatted with him in depth, please tell him about this paralyzed experience. And a car experience of more than 1,200 kilometers, he has a detailed review of this car from the appearance to the interior, from the power to the battery to intelligence.

Summary, although the process is twisted, the results are very beautiful.

The following is the storytelling of the old king, is organized by the “Electric Vehicle Association”.

The article is relatively long. If you want to see his bad bought car experience and 1200 km, please see the last two parts directly.


Three reasons and five requirements for oil trucks

Let me talk about the three reasons for the car:

1. The Chongqing auto train is limited, and 40% of the reason is this policy change.

On February 1, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau exchange patrol team issued a “Notice of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau on the Peak of the Center”. Start next month, we have officially restricted it here.

2, the cost of the tram is lower than the oil truck, especially compared to the 7-seat Buick GL8.

3, I like the performance of the tram, the acceleration of the tram is better than the oil car.

I have five requirements for new cars.

1, brand.

Although this is my first tram, but I understand my understanding, I first think that buying a tram cannot consider the value rate, because it is almost, that can only require the brand. The brand is good, the car is not too bad.

2, three electric technology.

Also consider the three major parts, batteries, electric controls, and motors of the tram. Because the three-electric technology is closely related to the stability of a tram.

3, human machine interaction ability.

When driving, if there is this system, I think driving will be safer, after all, safety first.

4, service, no worse after sale.

5, budget, 20 million will.


Abandon Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han

4 reasons for Tesla

In fact, there are not many models that I really meet the above requirements. I have done some understanding through the Internet, it is too expensive, Bitesla is still expensive, I haven’t seen it. The remaining twenty million is Xiaopeng P7, BYD and Tesra Model 3. Finally, it is only for me.

Before this, I didn’t understand Tesla at all. I thought that Tesla is very expensive, far from life, I have no desire to ask the price. After understanding, I think Tesla is a company with its own behavior, and its own image, and 20 million can buy Model 3.

Here I will summarize Tesla’s advantages:

1, unique brand power.

Everyone knows the results of Tesla, got the consumer’s recognition, sold a lot of cars, earned a lot of money. You said that if the brand is not good, there is still a lot of money, the car company will definitely chaos, and the psychological drop of consumers will be even greater. Tesla is the benchmark brand in the world, even if it is price cut, the brand is still there.

I have never thought that Tesla is cutting leeks. It creates a new idea to the automotive industry, in those so-called profits, it tries to let the car companies go to our consumers.

2, Tesla will not close.

I am worried that Xiaopeng and BYD will close. Although BYD and Xiaopeng are a big company, but in the past few years, Zhongtai Li sails, there was disappeared overnight, and he said (laugh). If so, what should we do if we buy a car? What should I do after sale?

In contrast, I think Tesla will not collapse. Then I am willing to spend more money, buy a rest assured.

3, Tesla’s three electric technology is stronger.

By selling my answer, there are some feedback from friends who drive the tram, I have read a lot of real data, or the Turla’s three-electric technology is stronger.

Take Xiaopeng P7 to exemplify. Xiaopeng P7 The longest battery life, the official is more than 700 kilometers. However, its actual battery life may be three or 400 kilometers, and the battery capacity is 80.9 degrees. But Tesla’s battery is only 50 degrees of electricity, and the actual battery life is still similar to this Xiaopeng P7. I think this is a technical issue.

4, price transparency

BYD and Xiaopeng give me the feelings that the price is not too transparent, which is also the most important reason for me to give up their.

BYDana is 279,500, I ask for a call to ask for a day, he is a day. Today is this price today, and it is another price tomorrow.

And I also learned in channels such as salted fish, some places can offer 30,000 pieces (hahaha). Is this what? This makes me feel that they do this to make the market.

Therefore, I will give up directly this car. Xiaopeng also has a routine, but it is more concealed. Just say that Dan took the audio, it was the time to publicize, saying that the sound is Dan. But look at its configuration table, as long as you have a little fine, you can see that the Dan Tak is installed and needs 18,000.

Peng also claimed that he was a direct mode, the national unified price, and it is estimated that there is no good execution. I was concerned about the 276,900. There is a post on salted fish, saying that it is also a high-priced car than which is almost 30,000, which is also new, 260,000 in Guangdong.

Everyone has sent it, it is impossible to deceive people, even if they can’t defraud, they can’t lie. Therefore, I think Xiaopeng’s price is very heavy.

So, my choice is more biased toward Tesla. Tesla is simple, rude, directly, telling you this price.

From the perspective of consumers, no matter if we have money, since we have to spend, they are not afraid of spending money, but they have to spend more transparency, no matter how much money, I feel comfortable in my heart. Even if it is a leek, 黄 无 无 无, everyone is a person, the same price, there is no thing that is messy.

Therefore, I think Tesla is my only choice.


4 to change the order, more sold to the collapse

Last blind model y

Before you don’t place an order, I think Tesla’s service is still similar to Xiaopeng.

In the process of sales contact with Xiaopeng, I think their service is very good. I also admire the professional literacy that sells small sisters. She is more professional. I explain what I feel very satisfied, and the attitude has always been very good.

However, Tesla’s sales will completely two before and after.

On January 8th, I watched the car in the Teslamen shop, I feel that I think it, I promised to sell a small sister to order. She is very excited, take it out of notebook, I will give me the invitation code right away, with the super chargeable amount of 1,500 kilometers.

I didn’t expect it so fast, and I still hesitate at the time. I want to spend more than 300,000 to buy this car. I will definitely not prepare for another, and these hundreds of thousands will throw it. I said, I want to think again (laugh), I am a Chongqing people, men are ear, I still don’t dare to be the Lord, but also need to discuss with my family.

When I heard this, the sales of small sisters turned their face, the expression was very good (laugh).

In fact, I think that before the sales of others did not pay, he had a tangled or hesitated process should be tolerant, this is the minimum professional ethics.

I went home and didn’t fill the order. At the time, it was 7 o’clock in the afternoon, and I could go back for two or three hours. I gave her on WeChat. I still decided to order it in her, let her see how to get.

As a result, she didn’t return me. I thought it was 90 o’clock. People may have already rested, or I didn’t see it, it didn’t matter. But the next day, she didn’t return to me.

I am a little anxious, afraid that I will have an increase in the delivery time. She agreed to me before, and the Model 3 standard battery life should be very fast, recently booked, and you can pick up the car before the Spring Festival. I want to count, or let go, don’t delay the time, so I pay 1,000 yuan on the official website.

It was more than 12 o’clock that day, she still didn’t return me. I sent her a message on WeChat, saying that I have placed orders on the official website. After two days, I will contact her, but she still didn’t return me (laugh).

After a day, the third day, she still didn’t return. I just went to their store that day, because I still want to look at the car.

Just met her in the hall, I still smiled and greeted. Ask the invitation code, see what she can continue to do 1500 kilometers. But she is cold and cold, I don’t have any cold, I said that the line is very reluctant. Later, she told me that I can’t get it.

In fact, I have already felt that I may not do it, but what I hesitated on the day made her unhappy. But 1,500 km, I don’t know what is going on, listen to some riders say, the official website is fixed, and you can enjoy this equity, some can’t.

I just said with her again, she said that the company stipulates that it is not. Therefore, this matter is even.

But I have already collapsed. I said that Tesla’s sales have such a case, I feel uncomfortable. There are still some messy processes, I am a rush, and the oil car has been sold. Sales become such a child, in case it gives me late.

This experience and this attitude of Tesla sales is that I haven’t thought of it at all, which is not in compliance with Tesla’s understanding. And the attitude of sales also made me a little hesitating, I even think that I didn’t want this deposit, I went to see Xiaopeng.

To be honest, I really want to praise Xiaopeng’s sales. No matter how I “toss”, people have been in the table. This little sister is really professional, people are very good, she believes that I sincerely want to buy a car, in order to promote the product, I also applied for a whole day from the leadership of them. This behavior really made me very touched.

Try to drive, I really feel that Xiaopeng and Tesla are different.

First, Xiaopeng’s floor is not flat, it has a drum, I think it will be more than the back row. Second, the P7 seems to have always been “咣咣 咣”. I think its frame of the frame is not so strong, it is a bit loose. But Tesla gives me the feeling is really compact, no matter how the coming, how to shake, it’s all overall, not loose.

For these two reasons, I still returned to Tesla. But I am still very hesitant. Coincidentally, one of my motorcyclists is the supervisor of their Tesla, and he recognizes me.

I want to have a relationship, I should work. He is really very good, listening to my appeal, saying that it will find ways. But I don’t know if this can be made, it is a hope.

During the period, I tangled that I should choose high performance version, I really always want high performance version. However, high performance version is more than 90,000 yuan, and later, I decided to change the order to the high-performance version.

However, after the change, there is still no news, or you can’t get the car. I am very urgent, so cold, I can’t ride a motorcycle every day, I have to pick a child.

At this time, my Moyou said that they had an internal test drive. It is the imported four-wheel drive high performance version of 2019. It is only thousand kilometers, and the car has not collided, the price is appropriate. I am a bit movement, but I have not fully decided. Because this thing is still more difficult to take, I went to the official used car and found that the price is still more expensive. I thought about it, I decided to buy this test drive.

At that time, that car was in Chongqing, it can be, I am full, and I don’t have to take a loan process. But they said that they must be able to turn away. I can’t make it again in a time, I have to wait.

I am particularly urgent, I have to pay attention to some “门 道”, see if there is anyone who turns a single. Before this, I didn’t think about it.

Fortunately, I saw a transfusion, price, and the car, and the price, and the car condition I can accept it in the salted fish. But it is model y (hahaha), is also a long-lived version. I want to think about it in the past, I still decided to buy it first. I feel that I have one person, it doesn’t matter, the price is similar. It may be that there is no MODEL 3 high performance version, but the space is better.


Model y 1200 km car experience:

Suitable for home, it is a car for a while

Almost no shortcomings

I didn’t regret that I didn’t buy P version of Model 3, but now I think Model Y is complete enough.

On January 28th, I have opened more than 1,200 kilometers. Whether it is appearance, interior design, or dynamic life and intelligence, I am very satisfied.

Here are the following two perspectives talk about my car experience.

First, the first experience.

Because when you buy a car, there is no test drive, and I have never seen the real car, it is completely blind. For the first time, it is a test drive. There are fews that feel deep:

1. The appearance is easy to confuse the Model 3, and this two cars have special differences.

2, the power is not as fierce.

Because the tram does not exist in the pre-machine, you can take a foot electric door to the end. When I opened the first time, I tried it, I feel very powerful, but I am not so fierce.

3, it is very upright, like a boat.

Later, when I was sitting in this car, I said that I can’t stand it, it is uncomfortable.

However, although it is up, the chassis is not loose, it should be the reason why the chassis is too high. Recently, I asked in Cheyou Group, they said that the tire pressure can be improved. Yesterday I dropped the tires and felt a lot.

4, interior workmanship is more important than Model 3.

Especially the back row. Sitting in the back row of Model 3, if the front seats are moved forward, they will look at its slide, which feels very simple. But Model Y has been well processed.

Second, after more than 1,000 kilometers, my experience is relatively deep.

1, its rear space is very large, and the long-range high performance is good.

When I went to the card, I slept in the car at noon. My 169 is straight, I can sleep, I can sleep, I don’t think it is very uncomfortable. When you sit in the rear seat, your leg feet can support more straight, this feeling is better than Model 3.

In addition, I found that this car is higher than my GL8. My child is 5 years old. He stood up and basically got to the top of GL8, but Model Y’s words, he stood up and a little distance.

2, the battery life is good, I can even open to 430 kilometers.

I am still filled with electricity to display 440 kilometers, I can run 400 kilometers, up to 430 kilometers. This is not easy, I know some cars will be 50% off, 60% off.

But I think that the battery is not so simple, because it is closely related to the driver’s driving habits, and road conditions. Everyone is not the same, some people often step on, some people often cotton feet, so, use a row to measure the battery, it is not objective.

There is a Model 3 p version of the rouse in our riders, which is very fierce. His life is better than some people. I have not been so fierce, and it is more stable, this is related to my own driving habits and I have before the troops as the driver. Therefore, my actual battery life and the gap are not very big. Although Chongqing is the mountain city, there are many downhills, but this has nothing to use. Moreover, interesting is that a netizen said that he ran down the mountain, and the end came to life, and it was more than in flat, nor did you know what this is.

3, convenient charging, use costs of one kilometer.

I have a house with myself, charging at home, basically two or three days, according to my actual car, basically two or three days. Moreover, our side is a unified electricity price, not as expensive, it is cheaper than the ladder price.

When I was 1,000 kilometers, I went wrong with my own account, and the cost of one kilometer was a coy, this cost is very low.

4, the sound effect is very good.

This is also a bit deep, because I do film and television related work, understand the sound and sound. The sound effect of Model Y is very good. Xiaopeng P7’s Dan taji may almost always be more than Model Y.

5, smart auxiliary driving function AP, I also used it several times, but still in the stage of exploration, some things did not figure out.

I know this is a very good feature to help pull the Model Y price. But it has a small disadvantage, even if the distance is the shortest with the car, it is easy to add, this thing does not know that it can be improved in the later period.

In addition, some car friends have a black screen, some messy problems, I haven’t encountered it again. I have exchanged with some owners. I am still more recognized by the owner. He told me that Tesla’s auxiliary driving features and entertainment functions are separated. Therefore, after the black screen, you can also drive properly, just not see the data such as speed meter, mileage.

So, I don’t worry about black screen problems.

There is a meaningful thing, I will use the idle time to run the net, and I will give yourself a mood. Recently, I also ran ten times. I thought that the car should be a very exciting thing. The result is not.

I found that passengers didn’t think this is a Testra, how about it. Like other cars, starting point at the bus, at the end, no one evaluates this car. Some people may not have the door handle, I will say it, people don’t ask this car.

Overall, like a net review, this car is more suitable for home, a car that has a life.

Do you want to say what big shortcomings, I really can’t say it. The speech control is a short board:

1, it can’t be used directly, you must press the button to turn it, then talk is useful. In contrast, Xiaopeng P7’s voice interaction is very powerful and can be opened directly.

2, the effect is not very good. Its whole reaction is not very good, and the identified content is not so accurate.

3, can only open the first level menu, the second-level menu is not. However, this is also enough, air conditioning is hot and wind, and the size of the wind can be speech control.

In other respects, I think it is very good. The only thing is still a little, this car will not be a victim.

If Tesla has a new technology, this car does not support, I will suffer. I hope that its hardware can at least 10 years, which is very worthwhile.

(This article is over)

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