Since the birth of BYD, BYD has been committed to the cars that the foreigners can buy, from the beginning of the most beginning to see today’s share price, which is the accumulation and precipitation of BYD. Since the opening of the Dynasty mode, BYD seems to have a hanging general sales and reputation, and the latest flagship sedan is more product explosion table, which is praised by many consumers.

Today, this car we have to introduce, the design continues the shape of Long Yan in BYD in recent years, and the overall look like BYD Han, a small one. It is the latest BYD Qin Plus, the latest BYD Qin Plus, and the previous generation Qin PRO has the title of the king of home, so what is the new? Let’s take a look together.

In terms of appearance, although this car has a trumpet of a small trumpet, there is still its own characteristics in some details. The front face adopts the design of the closed grille, with the arrow headlights, so that this trolley looks very sharp. And such a vehicle headlights are not only look good, and the display effects after lighting are also very bright, and it can be said that the number of lights in the same level is one.

The side of the body and the design of the tail are the Zhonghe route. After all, the cost of the car is here, and the appearance will not be full of ten beautiful than BYD. However, although it is simple but it is not simple. A smuggled overall body matches a multi-wheel hub to make this truck look very well. The penetration taillights and newly designed BYD LOGOs in the tail of the vehicle also make this car recognition very high. It is particularly worth noting that the electric version of this car is 4765/1837 / 1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2718mm. Compared to the mixed version, the other size is highly increased. 20mm, the head space is more abundant.

As a new energy model in the market, it is a personalized customization route. Manufacturers provide a variety of options, in which fender, wheels, taillights, bumper decorations and front lamp plated decorative strips can be selected according to your personal preferences, so that you are on the road. Unique and most excited.

In terms of power, the car will be equipped with a TZ200XSK permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power is 135 kW, and the dynamic output is good. In the battery pack, the car will use the lithium iron phosphate battery group, according to the family status of this car, should be the most proud blade battery group BYD, the integrated battery life can reach 600 kilometers.

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