The hydrogen cloud chain database shows that, as of the end of 2020, the global hydrogen-fuel vehicle guarantee exceeded 30,000 vehicles to 33,3398, which were distributed in five major markets in Europe, the United States, Japan, Han and China. In 2020, South Korea realized the last person, and the Korean market has reached 10,707 vehicles. More than 4,838 vehicles in Japan have, and it is the world’s largest hydrogen fuel car ownership. The United States and China have followed, ranked second, third, US and China’s hydrogen fuel car ownership were 8931 and 7355.

2020 global hydrogen fuel vehicles have an increase in 8,732 vehicles. Among them, South Korea added 5,104, accounting for 58.45%, ranked first; China added 1177, accounting as 13.49%, ranking second; US added 937, accounting for 10.7%, ranked third.

At present, the FCV vehicle operated by the European and American Japan-Korea market is based on a passenger car. The Chinese market is all commercial vehicles, such as passenger cars, the highest truck, and there is no mass production.

First, South Korea’s production situation: government support, lasts

Hydrogen chain database statistics, 2018-2020 Korea hydrogen fuel cell passenger car sales big jump forward! Modern NEXO’s three-year global sales composite growth rate is as high as 92.61%, according to this, South Korea quickly exceeds Japan’s mount global hydrogen-selling car sales. 2020 affected by the epidemic, multiple national hydrogen automobile sales have suffered a waist, only South Korea’s modern NEXO has a global sales of up to 6,781 units, a year-on-year increase of 38%.

Modern nexo is a manufacturing company for Korean hydrogen automotive industries. NEXO is a show that the fuel cell car is shown, and 12,717 fuel cell vehicles have been sold in three years.

2020 modern NEXO global sales is 6781, of which 5,786 sold to South Korea have reached 90%; the remaining 995 are sold other than South Korea, of which there are more than 200 USA in Canada. More than 400 Europes, including 50 X Cient Hydrogen Caschers sold to Switzerland have been delivered.

From a monthly data, sales of sales in March 2012 excellent, in January, in December, it may be related to the first wave of the year, the end of the year, the second wave of epidemic prevention and control affects business activities.

According to the above analysis, South Korea is NEXO’s largest sales market. Modern NEXO has obtained the “industrial vehicle head, the total number of sales in the first, and the first-handed number of people in the country”, in addition to the hard work of the car, the Korean government supports “good”.

Second, Japanese production and sales: relying on overseas markets, growth slowdown

Statistics of hydrogen chain chain database, as of the end of 2020, Japan Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity have accumulated a total sales volume of 12,679 in the past years. It is slightly lower than that of Korean modern enterprises. In 2015, Toyota Mirai generation model was officially produced. In 2017, the sales volume reached peak, and the sales of 2018 to 2020 showed a tendency that was stable year by year. Among them, overseas market sales have exceeded the local market.

Honda Clarity has a substantial sales in 2020, from 110 of 2019 to 8 directly to 8. Because Honda Clarity overseas market data is not open, consider the market brand influence, Honda Clarity overseas sales can be ignored. Japan Toyota Mirai sales can basically represent Japanese hydrogen production and sales. Other brands that have no mass production do not do statistics.

From Toyota Mirai’s sales area, 2020 Mirai sales is mainly distributed in Japan, Europe and the United States, with sales of 789, 459 and 499, Canada at least 23. The second generation of Mirai has just begun to sell, and the market storage model is basically a generation model.

In 2020, a total of 797 fuel cell vehicles were sold, mainly 789 soldiers sold in Toyota Mirai. In 2016, Japan’s fuel cell sales reached its peak, annual sales of 1055 units, and declined in four years.

From the 2020 month data, Mirai is 789 and 981 in Japan and overseas sales. The sales volume in the second half of the year was obvious than in the first half of the year, and December was the peak of sales throughout the year, reaching 527. Overseas is Toyota Mirai’s main sales area.

Japanese hydrogen automotive local market insurance is mainly composed of Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity and small part of imported cars, Toyota Mirai accounts for absolute dominance than 94%. From a monthly data, the sales of fuel cells at the end of 2020 are hot, including the highest year of 270 fuel cells in December.

Third, Europe, US production and sales: all rely on import, sales waist

The hydrogen chain database shows that as of the end of 2020, 8931 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were sold in the end of 2020. 2020 US market has sold 937 hydrogen energy vehicles, subject to epidemic, 55% from last year. From the perspective of sales data from calendar, 2368 sold in 2018 reached a high point in recent years.

From the metric data, sales in November 2020 reached 149. Overall, the sales situation in the first quarter and the third quarter is better, and the second quarter is the worst in the respective quarters. There is no massive hydrogen brand in the United States. At present, the hydrogen guarantee is imported from Japan, South Korea companies, gathered in California.

Similar to the US situation, there is no massive hydrogen automobile brand, and the European region is Japan, the export area of ​​Korean car companies, sales gather in Germany.

At the end of 2020, 1556 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were sold in Europe. The new volume of new sales in 2020 was 667.

Fourth, China’s production and sales: otherwise, ready to go

China has no fuel cell passenger car volume sales, and the hydrogen fuel cell car market is a commercial vehicle. By the end of 2020, my country’s fuel cells market production, sales, and suits are: 1199, 1179, 1499, and hold the number of 7355. According to the figure below, the overall change trend of three data for the production, sales and interventions of the fuel cell vehicles are basically consistent.

Due to the 2020 industrial policy steering and fuel cell car demonstration urban group declaration, the influence of the epidemic, leading to China’s production and sales delay. It is expected that in 2021, with the completion of China’s demonstration urban group declaration, the sales of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle will usher in a substantial growth.

China’s 2020 hydrogen fuel cell car detailed analysis can be referred to “One-piece detailed 2020 hydrogen fuel cell car market: Guangdong first, Xiamen Jinbao list, reshape department is the biggest winner”

Five, Japan and South Korea Hegemony: Second Generation Toyota Mirai PK Modern NEXO

The hydrogen chain database shows that Toyota Mirai and Modern NEXO occupy an absolute dominant position in the fuel cell passenger car brand. Toyota as a pioneer, in 2014, the modern Nexo is the next show. In 2018, the sales sales in 19 years have sold more than Mirai and exceed Toyota Mirai in the amount of fuel cell in the fuel cell. the first.

Toyota Mirai has only 7 sales in 2014, and then grows rapidly after three years, and maintains more than 2,000 annual sales volumes after 2016. Sales arrive in 2017, 2018 – 2020 Then decline.

For modern NEXO competitive pressure, 2020 Toyota Mirai second generation officially listed, is expected to become Toyota fights modern NEXO pressure, and re-retransmit the hope of selling the first throne of the global passenger car market.

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