Recently, Dr. CEO, CEO, said in his first tweet, the public is chasing Ttersla, ID.3 and E-TRON have won consumers in Europe.

As everyone knows, the public CEO Dice and Tesla CEO Mask’s “Revolution Friendship” have always been good, this is not the first time “playing in love”. Dr. Disseon is a firm supporter of electricization during his tenure, and it is also known as “special blow” very much.

In September last year, when Mask visited the Tesla German super factory, it was specifically to meet with Distension, and tested ID.3, and then gave a high degree of evaluation. At present, ID.3 has taken a good market score in the European market, and ID.4 will also be listed in China. At this time, Dischart will be protected by the trend. No matter what, it is stable to the public.

Therefore, the true meaning of this essay is to tell the global consumer, the public has strong products in the electric car field, at least will be hung by Tesra. This essay can also be encouraged to inside the inside, and enhance the attention of consumers. In this way, the amount of information is not necessarily not necessarily.

As we all know, Volkswagen and Tesla are the products of the two era, Tesla young, innovative, radical, is a splendor in the automotive industry, and the public is robust, mature, intended to defend their status in the automotive market. These two style cars are the same, and it is necessary to rise in the electric vehicle market.

On the new track of Ttersla, competeen new energy vehicles, the mass group has been chasing under the leadership of Dr. Discha, which is a model of the industry. As the leading sheep of traditional cars, the Volkswagen has started late in the new energy field, but strong research and development, supply chain system still helps its rapid transformation.

However, “catching up” still means “not chasing”, but also in the most powerful base camp – the European market brushs the wind, and Tesla has been popular around the world. The annual sales volume of the mass group, “catching up” Tesla, which is 500,000, how to watch it is also “losing one, etc.”.

In the eyes of Masque, Tesla should accelerate the transformation of the world to sustainable energy, and will open up a larger market in the future, and Dr. Disquisifer will wear the market share from the competitors, and to take Tesla’s market. . Who’s pattern is even greater, and I will know.

In 2020, the total sales volume of China’s auto market was 25.311 million, fell by 1.9% year-on-year. Among them, new energy vehicles sold 1.367 million units, an increase of 11% year-on-year. It is not difficult to see that the sales of new energy vehicles remain very low, only 5.4%.

This means that the new energy auto market does not have any groups who take the market, but all new energy cars, and attack the fuel-saving market, this is the real opportunity.

That is to say, the new energy vehicle “War” fuel truck represented by electric vehicles will be a two-31 years, and there is a long-lasting battle. In this process, everything is in dynamic changes. But the inevitable trend is that electric vehicles will replace fuel vehicles, but they are still in the early stages of development.

Even if Tesla’s sales are far from Toyota, the public, but its market value has long been several times, and it has exceeded Toyota. Then, Tesla and the public, who can win in this round of the car revolution? It is still not good to say that the key to see if the public is quickly accurately transforming, and takes out the hard products.

Objectively said that Tesla came to “pure electricity performance + intelligent + automatic driving” high-stricken route, a radon shrouded, and the public id.3, id.4 To challenge Tesla, must It is necessary to take out the true ability, but not just relying on the price is quite or slightly low, go chasing Ttersla.

Apple’s “slaughter” Nokia is because it has a product force across the era. The urgency of the traditional car enterprise is the transformation of thinking: from the opponent competition, transforming to the development of the new market; from the manufacture of an isolated island electric vehicle, transform into a design of an electronic product that constantly stimulates the user G point …

The public is the most thorough one in the traditional car giants. Iron my heart should embrace electricization. Even if I gave up my pride in the fuel-saving era, I also righteously hesquered it. This is also one of its wins. In the past century, the public relying on product and quality shaped a very excellent brand and reputation, which is still useful in the era of new energy vehicles.

However, the business management, R & D technology, production and manufacturing and marketing service system of traditional vehicle enterprises such as Volkswagen and Toyota is built in traditional gas carriage market. When the new technology wave is coming, the traditional market leader is impossible to turn around, and its internal interest is also difficult, which is greatly replaced by the new company. This is the deep crisis of traditional cars represented by the public.

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