If there is no national electric website, Tesla is still so ugly. It is now committed to the pressure of consumers, and Tesla, “bad squid” is ugly, and finally can’t hide, and more and more likely, it is difficult to swallow.

Tesla is a “bad squid”!

I would like to enter the Chinese market. Some people call him “squid”, and some people call him “shark”, but from the current point of view, these names are extremely unsolicited. Teslacher is a tailbelief is a “bad catfish”.

National Grid official reply Tesla

As a new energy car practitioner, Lao Luo is also very happy, thinks that Tesla’s entry, the development of China’s new energy automobile market is a great favorable, which allows “I used to subsidize and comfortable life” Enterprise, awakened.

Practice has proved that this idea of ​​Lao Luo is also right. At the beginning, many Chinese consumers have a good sense of electric cars because Tesla and will try it.

Tesla also saved the sky, sold 10,000 vehicles every month, and leading it.

The story is here, Tesla is a good squid for China’s new energy vehicle market, but he can’t hold it.

Tesla Model S

Tesla is destroying China’s new energy auto market!

Tesla took the three-year-old vehicle accident, it was exposed to three different five, then there was a famous “Pot King” title. In the face of an accident, Tesla is a clean, let China Consumers have seen what is called “master”!

The so-called successful Xiao He defeated, why, how big is the contribution, now how big is the destruction! At that time, Tesla reveals the consumer’s awareness of the new energy car, now Tesla has destroyed the beautiful imagination of the new energy car.

Tesla Model S

“Tesla makes me dare to buy electric vehicles now! I still want to buy an electric car to my wife, but Tesla is like this, and other brands are not going?” Guangzhou A friend WeChat ask me.

I have nothing to say. This logic has no problems: Tesla is known as “the world’s most cattle B electric car”, it will be out of control, fire, let alone other electric vehicles? Affirmant is not safe!

Tesla Model S

Shouting Mask: Without Chinese consumers, Tesla is a P!

With the listing of Tesla new models, sales will become higher and higher, and the impact of Chinese consumers will be more and more, if the vehicle is re-frequently exposed to quality problems, it will seriously combat Chinese consumers to buy electric cars. China’s new energy vehicle development is possible to affected. Because even if it is currently, new energy car cognition is still very low in China, and there are still many people who still don’t understand new energy vehicles, especially pure electric cars, most people still rely on how to run on the street. Heroes, while the streets running is Tesla, and Tesla has also been negatively negative, and these people will feel that “Lian Tesla quality is like this, what other electric vehicles?”

If you have misunderstandings of Tsela, let consumers have misunderstood China’s new energy car brands, then they are too embarrassed. After all, China’s electric vehicles are not allowed to have this, and Bitesla is reliable There are also a lot of electric vehicles with reliable.

Some media have made a summary of the accidents and responses of Teslazhijin since 2018. You can see the following picture. Tesla’s response is a pot! I hope that Mask can truly attach importance to the Chinese market from his heart. Without Chinese consumers, Tesla calculates a P.

Tesra Pot Statistics

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