At the same time, the Spring Festival is coming, and the car enterprises are also facing the last transcript before the year, that is, the sales volume of car in January. Especially new energy vehicles, the time node conversion in this air, whether there is a key to open the door in 2021. It can also be seen from the latest sales, and how new energy is in the style of the market. Ideally serve as a general in the new power of the car, the sales of ideal one have received much attention. why? Because ideal one is different from other new energy, the increased range electric technology is employed.

Recently, ideal released the sales score of ideal one, 5,379 deposited in January, a year-on-year increase of 355.8%, such a result can be said to be very good, especially for the new forces of the car, explain the new Forces and Ideal One has been recognized by the market. So, what is the ideal one of this car? Maybe some friends are not very clear, today I will take a look with the author.

Ideal One first, it belongs to the large-scale SUV in the appearance, and looks toward business fashion style. Ideal One’s front face uses a large-area intake grille design, and the quadrilateral intake grid looks atmosphere. The details below the intake grill are in place, and the hollowed shape has made the role of support, so that the front face looks more coordinated. And its headlights use a through-type design, just like the interstellar warrior, very handsome.

Ideal One is 5020 × 1960 × 1760mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2935mm, which makes it look very well in the side and has a sports fan. Inside the car, the ideal one’s interior will attract you once again, through the three-screen design, three steering wheel, and propulsive gear, symbolizes this is a car that followed the pulse of the times.

In terms of power, ideal One is calculated to be a branch, and the extension electric technology adopted, which provides a good foundation for the battery life. Take the 6-seat version of the ideal one 2020, which is equipped with a 1.2T L3 engine and is equipped with a 240 kW motor. The pure electricity has reached 180km, and the fuel consumption of 8.3L. Its working mode is actually letting fuel to generate electricity for electric motors, reaching a “infinite battery”, which is electricity. And at different occasions, the owner can switch itself to the use of fuel or the use of electric, which can effectively decrease in daily driving costs.

How do you feel Ideal One?

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