On January 28, Xiaobai can learn from Tesla official, Tesla will launch a new Model X series, a total of two new models, the price range is 7.729 million yuan to 999,900 yuan. The new Model X’s appearance did not make a big change, but a lot of adjustments in the interior, it can be said that it is basically a different look, which gives people a very technological effect.

Let’s first take a look at the new Model X’s appearance. The new Model X’s design can be said to be based on the appearance of the old model, just a few more subtle places. For example, the new Model X is changed from the previous silver bright color in the door handle and the tail decoration bar; the bumper has been new design; to say that the most obvious, only the new wheel has changed, others There is basically no change in the place.

The new Model X’s interior has made a lot of modifications. After redesign, the Model X, the interior design is basically similar to Model S, and the sensation of the central control is more like continuing the design style of Model 3. It is also as neither and clean. The most obvious change is that the steering wheel in the car. The shape of this steering wheel becomes shaped, and the front of the steering wheel is more like “New Police Story”, Wu Yanzu, the mask of Azu, which is slow. Science illusion. The new Model X-equipped central control screen size reached 17 inches, the resolution is 2200 * 1300, and it can also be adjusted left and right, so it is more convenient for the driver to observe the screen on the way, reducing the risk.

The new Model X provides five, six and seven can option, in which the six-seat price is 60,000 yuan, the price of seven is 30,000 yuan. In addition, there is an entertainment screen with a recreational screen at the central armrest in the back row, which can be connected to the rear passenger entertainment.

In terms of power, the new Model X long-range version is equipped with a double-drive motor, and the 100-kilometer acceleration is 3.9 seconds, the battery is 580km; the Plaid version is equipped with a three-drive motor, 100 kilometers accelerated to 2.6 seconds. The endless mileage is 547km. It can be seen that the Plaid version is only an increase in power, but the number of endless miles is also greatly reduced, and it is necessary for electric vehicles? Still Tesla has a more deprecated layout?

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