Since my country still supports new energy, there have been a variety of new energy companies in China. However, most new energy companies are mixed with fish, and they have a lot of people who really want to make a very perfect new energy car. After a few years of market test, there have been some enterprises that are still available. The new energy of the wild horse is one of them. Although the new energy of the wild horse is relatively short, the product line is not very rich, but the product quality is unexpected.

A few days ago, the official of the wild horse has issued 2021 of the wild horse EC60, the price is only 129,900 yuan. From the price we can also see the positioning of this car is a compact SUV.

In terms of the top 2021 appearance of the wild horses EC60, most of the old EC60 continues, the biggest change is to increase the daytime running light of the LED; and the intake grille has a closed shape. However, it is worth mentioning that the new source of wild horse has the latest logo, and will appear on 2021 of the wild horse EC60.

The 2021 of the wild horse EC60 has not changed too much in the body size. The 2021 models of the wild horse EC60 is not different than the difference. The length of the long-width is 4360/1830 / 1660mm, the wheelbase is: 2550mm Under the outline of the two waist lines of the body, adding a tough guy. The styling of the car is very simple. It only uses silver lines to run through the tail, enhances the level of the whole vehicle.

The 2021 interior of the wild horse EC60, the center console is basically covered with the material of the skin. Although the car is unlikely to use the leather, the manufacturer uses more good artificial leather in order to express his sincerity. In terms of soft configuration, the 2021 of the wild horse EC60 uses a smart key, and the panoramic sunroof features a parallel auxiliary function.

The 2021 power system of the wild horse EC60 has a maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor from BYD. The peak torque is 180N · m, and the 100-kilometer acceleration takes 16 seconds, 16 seconds this grade, no need to say in the new Inside the energy car, it is also a relatively backward in traditional fuel trains. However, the 2021 motor of the wild horse EC60 can definitely make up these issues. Of course, the most important place for new energy cars is still ending, according to the official data, the 2021 endurance of the wild horse EC60 can reach 470km, the battery is used in three yuan lithium batteries, and the performance should not be wrong, the battery Quality is also excellent, and the pricing of this car is also very cost-effective, so it should be affected by consumers, I hope this car will give a new energy market to the new energy market, and come to this car to deliver this car. After the experience!

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