With the deep development of automobile intelligent interconnection, automatic driving has become a trend, and now all largest vehicle companies have layout automatic driving areas, while Tesla and Xiaopeng do the most well. As an example of Tesla, it is the most popular automatic driving car, with a deep technical experience.

It is reported that the current Tesla fully automatic driving chip uses a 14nm process process, with a single chip to reach 72TOPS (trillion per second). The Tesla automatic driving vehicle is equipped with two such chips, and the system is integrated to 144 TOPS.

In the face of the strong enemy of Tesla, the Weima selection of the domestic new energy car cooperates with Internet big parking system to develop AVP independent parking systems. In the technical level, Baidu and Weima depth bundle, which is also called “Budweishan” CP in the combination of automobiles + Internet.

It is undeniable that it is difficult to fight Tesla car with the power of the Mija, but it is different from Baidu to cooperate. It can achieve 1 + 1> 2 role.

Weima Automobile and Baidu have also developed AVP parking technology, applying in the third SUV-Wema W6 in Weima, which can realize the Conditional driving of the L4 level under certain scenes.

In terms of hardware, Weima W6 is equipped with the first 7-nanometer-made car regulation Qualcomm 8155 chip, 5G baseband, and self-developed automatic time domain controller. At the same time, the new car has also deployed 24 sensors, 5 77 GHz millimeters, 5 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radar.

In addition to achieving unmanned driving capabilities under high-frequency parking scene, Weima W6 can also complete OTA upgrade in the background, and the vehicle can still maintain normal driving, there will be no interference, avoiding security hazards.

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