At the 2021 New Energy Auto Show, the red flag brought two new energy vehicles, which were red flag pure electric SUV-HS9 and pure electric vehicle type E-111. The red flag E111 is the first debut. The car will be the first customized pure electric travel product in Hongqi brand, which also uses a new design language. It is worthy of attention.

Design, the new car is relatively simple. The front face uses a closed grille, in the closed grille position, decorated with 12 vertical high-glossy trim strips, neatly arranged, very atmospheric. On both sides, there are two “U” type trim strips extended to the roundabout, and the daytime line light is cheeper. There is also a red logo on the center on the opening, a simplified red flag brand mark, which looks great.

From the side of the body, the car uses a more traditional sedan car style, and the black portion of the C-column is extended backwards, and the rim is similar to a five-way flap shape. The taillight design of the car is used in the same style as the red flag HS9, nor does it have an exhaust pipe as a decoration, and the overall performance is more stable. The tail light group on both sides is almost wrapped in the back door, which is very identified.

The interior is equally simple, and the whole use of two-color splicing design plus the central control suspension big screen, the geographical and technology atmosphere is good. Central armrests use the geometric graphic design stitching, the atmosphere is mixed with the parcel of champagne cortex, the black paint process used in the gear area, and the gear has “P” key, one according to the parking function, functional and design Very good performance. On the body size, the length of the new car is 5040mm / 1910mm / 1596mm, and the wheelbase is 2990mm, and it has an advantage in space compared to Bitzra Model S (2960mm). It is worth mentioning that the car is a 4-business official model, so its back row is designed to be 2.

In terms of power, the Red Flag E-111 is equipped with a maximum power 136PS drive motor, and its NEDC has reached 431 kilometers, and the battery type is a lithium iron phosphate battery. In general, although Hongqi has improved rapidly in recent years, sales have also grown rapidly, but the layout in the new energy field is not well known, the new car has a significant strategic significance for red flag, as a discerning consumer is willing Buying a single, we only have to wait and see.

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