What is electric cars in 2022? It is a new car ET7 to give them an answer: long battery life, high intelligence.

Ultra long battery life: ET7 has 500 kilometers, 700 kilometers, if equipped with 150KWH solid-state battery pack, and life can reach 1000 kilometers.

High intelligence: It is more intelligent to automatically drive the ET7 as an automatic driving car, more intelligent than ES8, ES6, EC6, using 4 Yingda ORIN automatic driving chips, total 1016TOPS force, all-system standard laser radar, automatic driving function adopts subscription system .

Such a car, the price is 448,000 yuan before the subsidy, the BAAS program subsidy is priced at 378,000 yuan; the first subsidy is 5.26,000 yuan before the subsidy, the Baas program subsidies are priced at 398,000 yuan. The car has been opened, which is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

The above, only part of the information on the ET7 model is released on January 9, but it is enough to shake the industry.

In addition: the application of new technologies such as the second generation shift station, the silicon carbide module, NIO Mate2.0, although it is not “explosion”, but it is also the leading industry.

It seems that it is the fastest to arrive in the future of automatic driving.


Automatic driving first car

Starting from ET7, the product, even a smart electric car product, and raised the level: automatic driving car is coming.

The logo is that ET7 will be the first car with laser radar.

Although the new generation of Audi A8L listed in 2017, the top version of the laser radar was launched, but the Audi stopped this version of the model to sell, and even the version of the model was actually delivered to the consumer.

蔚 来 ET7 is different, all-straightened laser radar, regardless of which versions of consumers buy, ET7 will inevitably carry laser radar, otherwise it will not be delivered.

Therefore, the laser radar mass produced the first car, and ET7 was well deserved.

NAD is driving driving

Laser radar is an important hardware in NAD, and NAD is driving driving is the protagonist of the entire day.

NAD is equipped with a Aquila hyperfeit system, corresponding to automatic driving sensor hardware. The ADAM is superior platform, corresponding to the automatic driving chip. The automatic driving algorithm belongs to the software development link. The automatic driving platform is the most heavy part, based on the new vehicle platform for automatic driving development.

In the Aquila hyperfeit system, 蔚 来 ET7 is equipped with 33 automatic driving sensors, and the laser radar is one of them.

Aquila is superior system contains 1 laser radar, 11 high-definition cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 2 high-level positioning units, 1 car road synergies perceived V2X, and 1 main driving enhancement ADMS.

Among them, the application of laser radar is undoubtedly letting the ET7 have a leading advantage.

The laser radar used by the ET7 is developed by Innovusion in the capital investment in capital, with 120 degrees of super wide view, equivalent 300 ultra-high resolution, up to 500 meters away. Detection distance and has a focus function. This laser radar wavelength is 1550 nm, which avoids further improvement of 900 nm wavelength, performance and safety in human eye.

In order to match the laser radar app, the ET7 is started to use the automatic driving platform, which is equally updated relative to the current models such as ES6 / 8.

A significant feature of the new platform is the location layout of laser radar and camera. ET7 places the laser radar, and the automatic driving camera is placed on the roof, and the corner-like arrangement is arranged, and the official referred to as a watch tower arrangement. Such arrangement did not affect the wind resistance coefficient of ET7, ET7, 5.1 meters long, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.23cd.

However, in turn, this is also to explain that the ES6 / 8 model is not replaced, almost no smoothes to upgrade to a new automatic driving platform.

Aquila is so automatic driving hardware, inevitably requires a strong automatic driving chip to support, and the ADAM super-calculated platform came into being.

The ADAM exception platform is based on the British Weida ORIN automatic driving chip, and 4 ORIN chips are used in one time. The number of transistors of a single orin chip exceeds 17 billion, and the number of transistors of the entire ADAM technology super-calculated platform will be over 68 billion.

In terms of power, Adam has reached the unprecedented 1016TOPS. According to the universal agreement in the industry, this power is sufficient to support the L5 level automatic driving.

The division of the four orin chips is the two chips for automatic driving required for automatic driving, and verify each other. The third ORIN chip is redundant backup, and the fourth chip is specifically used for iterative training.

ORIN chip

Whether it is an automatic driving sensor, or the automatic driving chip, the ET7 is a first model of the driving machine, which is a super luxury configuration.

So is the software level, can it be able to follow? The automatic driving system is changed from the Mobileye camp to the Ying Weida camp, is it ready?

The subscription system is the answer given by it.

The automatic driving feature of 蔚 来 ET7 will be subscribed, not a one-time budget, the price is 680 yuan / month. In terms of function, NAD subdivides automatic driving, low speed and parking automatic driving, and assist driving. Among them, NAD automatically drives, supports automatic driving of urban roads and closed high-speed roads, while NA low-speed and parking automatic driving support automatic leader in parking lot, remote control parking, remote call, narrow road, reversing, etc. Automatic driving experience. Assistive driving functions, the same as the existing NIO Pilot function.

Compared to the one-time bought Nio Pilot system, the subscribed NAD automatic driving system is more compliant with the principle of software defined cars, and is also close to the actual needs of the user.

No matter how much expensive hardware of the Aquila hyperbs, the ADAM excellent platform is applied to the ET7 in full-borne, and the automatic driving software is charged in a monthly customized manner, it is enough to prove the 蔚 来Confidence is confident on his own automatic driving function.

Based on this set of automatic driving hardware and overtugetable platforms, NAD will definitely have the ability to upgrade to L3 automatic driving, and may even be L4. Li Bin, Chairman of Jimei, said NAD will provide a “point-to-point” automatic driving service.


Solid state battery pack will be delivered next year, the longest battery is 1000km

蔚 来 ET7 will equip 150kWH solid state battery, and its battery will exceed 1000km.

Li Bin said that 150KWH battery pack, using a solid state battery, the cell density reached 360Wh / kg, and the energy density of the battery pack can increase by 50%, and the battery life is greatly increased.

Solid-state batteries are hailed as the next generation of electric vehicle power batteries, which have greatly improved compared to current liquid batteries. If a lithium metal can be used, the energy density will also increase significantly.

The 150KWH solid-state battery pack launched on the day, in technology, in situ curing solid-liquid electrolyte, inorganic pre-lithium carbide negative electrode, and the three characteristics of the nano-stage coating ultra high nickel.

This battery pack is applied to the propelled model, which will greatly improve the life of the electric car.

For example, after 150 kWh, the 2018 ES8’s battery life can reach 730 kilometers; the new ES8 comprehensive endurance mileage can reach 850 kilometers; the new ES6 integrated endless mileage is 900 kilometers; EC6 Performance’s comprehensive continuity can reach 910km; The highest endurance is the 1000km battery life of ET7.

According to the official disclosure of the car, it is expected to be delivered in the fourth degree of 2022 in 2022.

However, “Electric Car Observer” believes that the use of the 150KWH battery pack will also be a semi-solid power battery. Security will increase significantly, but the energy density of 360WH / kg is very difficult to achieve.

In addition to automatic driving, the solid battery pack, the highlight of ET7 is still much.

Appearance, ET7 full car is 5098 mm, width 1987 mm, high 1505 mm, and is 3060 mm. In terms of light, the remote integrated LED headlight and the Double-Dash daytime running light come back and after the three-dimensional transparent penetration.

The interior design is passed on the second living room design concept. In the interior materials, the renewable rattan Karuun from the tropical rainforest is first applied to the mass production vehicle. In terms of interior functions, the front and rear ribbon plate chairs are heated, ventilated, massage function, in addition, the ET7 full-scale standard smart frameless electric suction door, supports automatic prevention.

ET7 applies a second-generation digital cockpit technology, equipped with Qualcomm third-generation digital cockpit computing platform, with stronger car mobile interconnection and communication capabilities. The newly upgraded 12.8-inch amoled central control screen resolution and contrast increase, the world’s first car artificial intelligence system NOMI continued to evolve into MATE2.0.

In terms of power, the ET7 is equipped with the first 180 kilowatt permanent magnet motor and the last 300 kW induction motor, the maximum power is 480 kW, the peak torque is 850 Nm, and it is 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers, and 100 kilometers to zero brake distance 33.5 meters.


Change 2.0 era

Compared with the new car ET7, and 150KWH solid-state battery packs, it is more tentacles to the owner of the replacement station 2.0.

Starting from the first car ES8, the models of it will support the power transmission function, and believe that the new car ET7 is no exception.

At present, it has been established in the country, and 177-seat power station has been completed, and the accumulation has completed more than 1.49 million. However, compared to the fact that the 2000-seat power station, there is a reality of 177 power plants, which is significantly lower than expected. However, it is determined to continue to expand the power-on station. At the end of 2021, it will build a 500-seat power station in the country.

In addition, there is insufficient existing electric power exchange stations, including high cost, and there are not many amounts of electric reserve batteries.

The second generation of power-saving stations launched in this time this time, it makes up for the above deficiencies to a certain extent.

On the battery reserves, the second generation shift station, the single-station battery reserve rises to 13, and the single-day shift capacity is increased to 312 times.

In terms of electricity exchange efficiency, the second substitution of electricity is mutually matched with new cars, and the automatic parking power of the AVP can be implemented. More efficiently, the second generation shift station uses a new SAP (Self-Adaptive Platform) flexibility to add a lock platform, and the user can realize the shift.

In terms of cost, the second generation shift station, through the wireless communication between the car – station-cloud, the communication, monitoring, maintenance, can realize unmanned callout experience with end cloud combining.

For the owner, the second generation of electric power stations, in short, the battery reserve is more, reducing the queue phenomenon, arriving after the replacement station, automatically parking the power station, and supporting one-click electricity, no need car.

SW, start from the second generation shift station, really close to the induction.


Available in the future

It is a controversy, and there is no future, and it is a hot discussion.

Li Bin has also been draped as the strongest person in 2019, finding money to make it the most important work to live.

In 2020, the large investment in the Anhui Provincial Department of China was launched, and the vulnerable car in the beautiful stock market is a lot of questions.

Looking back in 2020, it is a sales volume of China’s new energy passenger car list in 20020, and 75,000 sales performance is also a leader in China’s high-end electric vehicle market.

More importantly, the average price of it is more than traditional luxury brands such as BBA.

“After the robbery after the robbery”, Li Bin described so much on it.

Nowadays, as its name, it has become the wind direction of the future development of the automotive industry. ET7 is the direction indicating the development of the automotive industry.

Compared to the competitors of smart cars, the 蔚 来 ET7 took the lead in achieving laser radar on the car, the design language developed the primary river of smart electric vehicles, and the automatic driving subscription system payment is put into practice.

Compared to the competitors of electric vehicles, the ET7 is the first to apply solid-state battery technology, actively explore the self-ignition of automotive power batteries, and let the endless range of 100,000 kilometers.

It is a unique power-saving technique that is relatively competitors. The second generation of power transmission technology is expected to maintain this advantage.

Ultra long life, pointing to life, no worries; super intelligence, pointing to the liberation of drivers – smart electric vehicles, this. (Finish)

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