With the rise of new energy vehicles, the continuous support of government policies, more and more people tend to new energy vehicles when buying a car. In recent years, domestic brands have gradually occupying domestic new energy markets in China, and Wulinghong, who has been introduced by SAIC, is a slogan of the people’s tutorial, and seizes consumers. The top, the sales volume exceeded Tesla.

Since Wuling Hongguang Miniev came out since June last year, the sales volume of the car has been rising. Data show that Hong Kong Miniev sold 14,495 in September, sales of 20,631 in October, with sales of 30,000 vehicles in November, an increase of 60.4% from the previous month, exceeding the Tesla.

Wuling Hongguang stock price increased afterwards in Sanliu, in March. On December 28 last year, Wuling Hongguang Harbor stocks rose by nearly 15%, and the offer is HK $ 2.6, which has become a historic high of Wuli Hongguang stock price.

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Why is miniev?

As a new generation of national “God”, the success of Mitsubaishong Miniev is not accidentally reflected in the following aspects.

First, in terms of product, Wuling Hong Kong miniev is positioned as “taking the car”, mainly based on small, a mini electric vehicle, can meet the user’s urban pendant demand.

Wuling Hongguang only supports slow charging mode, so the household voltage is 220V to meet the charging requirements. In addition, Wuling Hongguang Miniev has three versions, with a minimum price of 28,800 yuan, the highest configuration price is only 38,800 yuan, with 120 kilometers and 170 kilometers of endurance miles, enough to meet the demand for vehicles, truly. “King of Cost – cost”.

Second, in terms of brand, Wuling Hongguang as a national output, “what the people need anything, Wuling will create what”, from the initial sewing machine, loom and tractor to the blunt mask during the epidemic, and in recent years Come to the people’s favorite food snail powder, Wuling is doing our own efforts to meet people’s needs, and successfully received people’s love.

As a national old brand, its visibility and product quality, people know the roots, so Wuling Hongguang Mini has been admired, many users based on the trust and love of the old brand, and I didn’t hesitate to choose Wuling Hongguang.

Third, from the perspective of government policies, in the past few years, environmental protection has always been a problem that the country puts on the first status solution, which is constantly supporting and promoting new energy.

According to the 2020 new energy car subsidy policy, the government will continue to 22,500 yuan to 0.85 million yuan for new energy vehicles with a new energy vehicle of 400km. Under the promotion of government policies, people’s choice of vehicles, more tend to new energy, but also accelerate the competition of major new energy brands, and strive to introduce more quality new energy vehicles.

Fourth, from the popularity, Miniev mini-cute microcope has been loved by many young people, many people are willing to add more fun to the appearance of the body, make the miniev “Thousand There are thousands of cars.

Unique to traditional cars, Wuling Hongguang is especially superior in the automotive group, in line with young people’s needs, claiming to be “old man”, actually fascinated a large number of young people.

Tesla is still strong

Although Wulinghong Miniev dominates sales list, it is necessary to continue to rebuild in 2021, difficulty, because Tesla, Wei, Xiaopeng, etc. New energy leaders are still very strong in the market.

First, a significant brand effect. Take Tesla as an example, as the new energy vehicle accepted by the public, has been weighing the new energy auto market for a long time, and many people who have new energy vehicles will respond to Tesla in the first time, making many people Tesla is primarily considered when purchasing new energy cars.

Byadi in the country-owned car, it is still the momentum, and as an example, as an example, as a new energy new forces, from the beginning, the position is “high-end”, and also captured a large number of people who love the domestic car owners.

Second, flexible marketing strategy. Since the end of last year’s investment in Shanghai, after Tesla domesticated, its sales prices have decreased more than ten thousand than the first vehicles sold, and then the price reduction is also clear. Tesla purchase threshold. The news that triggered the official collapse of the official collapse was still in the eye.

For new forces such as Wei Si, Xiaopeng Auto, although they did not keep up with Tesla’s price cut strategy, with a variety of special services, many attracted the market’s eyes, such as Wei, Xiaopeng, etc. Lifetime free exchange service.

Third, product technology advantages. Under intelligent and networking trends, Tesla and the aware continue to make cars more intelligent, such as the artificial intelligent assistant, which is equivalent to the little love classmates of the Apple mobile phone’s Siri and Xiaomi mobile phone, used to provide The service of the household, while Tesla’s automatic driving, currently evolving to L4 or even near L5.

These intelligent service functions have become an important competitive of Tesla and the awareness, and have become the key to attracting many consumers. With the advantages of technology and team, Tesla will continue to evolve in technical capabilities. MINIEV is not a smooth sailing in the future

With Wulinghong Miniev constantly activates the low-cost market, and the continuous price reduction of Tesla domestication, we can see that new energy vehicles show a certain amount of sinking. Throughout the current affordable new energy car brand, Wuling Hongguang’s opponent has already discharged a long team, such as SAIC, Chery, Chery, Great Wall Euler.

In order to seize the market, we can imagine that Tesla and the aware of the big names may also launch small low-end new energy vehicles. In the face of the big-name direct impact, Wuling Hong Kong miniev is not so strong.

It can be sure that the competition in the new energy market will become more and more intense. In the face of the raging of new brands, the new energy “Yuanhou” brand is no longer a high-end car and high-end cars, low-end cars and low-end cars The competition between the low-end cars can also become a powerful competitor of high-end cars.

As a national old brand, Wuling Hongguang is to create a civilian transportation, but this will also become a resistance of high-end trial in its brand. Because people mention that Wuling is easy to associate with low-end cars, if Wuling wants to develop into the middle and high-end market, in order to break this concept, Wuling needs to build from the brand and develop.

In particular, it is necessary to break through the old design concept. With the trend of the times, more to intelligent development, you can innovate your body design while retaining brand characteristics, adding more fashion, attracting more high-end users.

All in all, Wuling Hongguang Miniev has been purchased, enough to prove that the new energy parity car market is huge, but the willingness to sinking in Tesra, and more new energy parity cars will inevitably let Wuling Hongguang feels A larger forward pressure.

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