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Just over 2020, the new energy car will pick up the trend, a group of companies stand out, emerge in the global automobile industry pattern, the new energy car officially entered the market development. In 2021, the 14th Five-Year Opening Bureau, the new development pattern is accelerating, “2030 carbon peaks, 2060 carbon neutrality” international commitment has been made, the car revolution is moving towards the intelligent, netting into the core of the middle and senior development stage …… External factors such as global epidemic, international political situation turmoil, etc., can foresee: Next two years, new energy vehicles will face an unprecedented severe challenge, and the industrial development has always ushered in critical moments.

How do we examine the new development pattern facing new energy vehicles? How to interpret new target tasks? How to develop a new development path? After 4 days, on January 15th, the 7th China Electric Motor 100-person Meeting Forum (2021) will open the curtain with the theme of “New Development Pattern with Automotive Industry Reform”.

As the first high-standard industry forum in 2021, China Electric Motors 100 People Forum (2021) has received much attention since starting. However, the epidemic current, according to the latest epidemic prevention requirements of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and Beijing on the host of large activities, this hundred people will be held for the first time. At that time, more than 200 conferences from domestic and foreign governments, industry agencies, research institutions and related enterprises will share their views on the online, and unlock.

Under the form of the new conference, in order to facilitate everyone to meet, we specially organize this “Cloud Ceremony Raiders” for your reference.

First, the meeting arrangement

China Electric Motor 100-person Forum (2021) will be held on January 15-17, the theme of the General Assembly focus on “New Development Pattern with Automotive Industry Reform”, and 2 high-level forums and 7 topic forums during the 3-day meeting. In accordance with the prevention requirements of Beijing and Diaoyutai Guest House, gatherings of more than 100 people are not allowed. Cancellation of the online session registration, cancel the site to listen to the audience, and 100 people will welcome guests from all walks of life to take the way of watching live broadcasts.

The first day of this session (ie January 15th, Friday) will hold the 5th China-British Electric Automobile Innovation Forum, which is jointly launched by the China Electric Motors 100 People Club, and the British Embassy in China. China and British High Performance Electric Automotive Innovation and Cooperation “is the theme, inviting the relevant departments of China and Britain, industry experts and corporate representatives to discuss in-depth discussion on the technology innovation and industrialization cooperation path of China and Britain in high performance electric vehicles.

On the 2nd day of the conference (ie on January 16th, Saturday) is the highlight of this forum, and the 2 high-level forums known as “industrial development policy window and wind” will be held. In the morning, the theme “Car Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral Total Automobile and Transformation”, international agencies and corporate representatives from Europe, United States, Japan, and South Korea will cooperate with China’s new energy automotive industry. And the Transportation Industries in the Process of Realizing Carbon Peaks and Carbon Neutts and Targets and Experiences and Views. In the afternoon, the topic is the same as this session, the theme and the “new development pattern and automobile industry change”, relevant government leaders, corporate representatives and industry experts will discuss the relationship between the automotive industry is accelerating the new development pattern, new The role of energy vehicles should be played, and the problems faced by the development of the next industrial development, the need for policy support and policy landing.

On the 3rd day of the General Assembly (ie on January 17th, Sunday) will carry out six special forums in a row, in the morning, in the afternoon, there are three games, the hotspots, difficulties and key issues of the industry, cover the new energy vehicle market. Consumption, electric car core parts and key technologies, smart vehicles, infrastructure, commercial vehicles and investment financing, in addition to the charites, will also build a full life of “China’s high-end brand how to maintain sustained competitiveness” Cycle Management New Ecology “” Business Car Electricization and Intelligent New Art “” “” “How to see the market valuation of high-growth technology companies” and other topics, 5 The round table dialogue, nearly 100 industry experts from various fields and leading business representatives will “appear”, give online audiences in a spiritual feast.

Second, the participation instructions

This year is the most complex year of the external environment facing the 100-person meeting forum, which is also the most severe challenge. To facilitate more guests to watch the live broadcast of the live broadcast of the conference, 100 people will open all conferences of video live channels this year, and combined with more than 30 media integrate video live matrices that can cover thousands of conferences.

01 Conference Live Arrangement

The online conference of this session has a total of 3 days of 9 forums, including 2 high-level forums on the 16th, as well as the 7-day theme conference on the 15th and 17th. Among them, [The 5th China-British Electric Automotive Innovation Forum], [International Forum], [High-level Forum], [New Energy Automobile Market Forum] 6 conferences with [Global Commercial Vehicle Electricization and Intelligent Sustainable Development Forum] The in-British bilingual live channels will be opened for foreign guests such as the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India.

02 How to get a livelink link?

During the forum, guests can pay attention to China Electric Motors 100 People’s Official WeChat (CHINAEV100) to obtain live links in the General Assembly. In addition,, China Net, Sina Auto, Sohu Auto, 21 Finance, Car House, Know the Emperor, Baidu, Little Information, VI News, Sina Finance, Gaiu Auto, Pacific Auto, China Motor News, China More than 30 media, China Energy News, Beijing News, EV Vision, etc. will open live broadcasts during the General Assembly, together into a video live matrix of this forum, and guests can also track all the forum live broadcast in real time through the above media platform. The meeting reported.

Third, information collection

In 2020, the focus of the work center of the wisk is transformed into the role of the wiskin. During this forum, the topic will release 17 heavy reports, the theme will cover a range of important and hot topics in the current development of new energy vehicles and intelligent automotive industries, including : “The top design and strategic synergies for the automobile revolution”, “automatic driving application scene and commercial path”, “research on the development of small and medium-sized cities and rural electric vehicles”, “Dynamic Battery Full Life Cycle Asset Operation Management 2.0”, “Tram Separation Research on Mode Industry Ecosystem Construction “,” Intelligent Automobile and Smart City Collaborative Development (2020) “,” China’s Electronic Train Industry Development Annual Report “,” China Intelligent Network Auto Investment Value Analysis and Opportunities Opportunities (2021) ” .

Since the 6th Hundred People’s Will Forum, for environmental protection considerations, the General Assembly begins to replace paper reports with electronic verse. This year, due to the full turn of the epidemic to the line, the above 17 This report will also be published simultaneously on the electronic version. I hope to obtain the guests of the report, you can pay attention to the Bai Zhikin public number (ID: EV100_PLUS), or you can use the computer to log in the platform, self-service download electronic version report.

Fourth, epidemic prevention requirements

In view of the recent countries still have epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of the guests in this session, the organizing committee has developed a detailed conference epidemic prevention program, please strictly abide by various epidemic prevention requirements. Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Income Policy:

01 domestic guests

1 Provide this Beijing Health Bao scan code registration, if it is not available, you must hold a 72-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof to be included;

2 If the alarm prompts when Beijing Health Bao scan code, I can’t enter the park and the peers;

3 Foreign staff need to provide a 2-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof to reduce risk.

02 Foreign Guest

1 guests entering time <21 days (including 21 days), do not receive;

2 21 days <3 months of entry time <3 months, the nucleic acid detection negative certificate is required for 72 hours;

3 Immigration Time> 3 months of foreign guests must provide yourself in Beijing Health Bao (scan code), if it is not available, there must be a 72-hour nucleic acid detection negative certificate to be included;

03 guests and staff in China, high-risk areas do not receive five, meeting agenda

Meeting time: January 15-17 (Friday – Sunday)

Meeting place: Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

Theme of Meeting: New Development Pattern and Motor Industry Reform

Organizer: China Electric Motors

Co-organizers: National New Energy Automobile Key Special Overall Expert Group, Tsinghua University, China Automobile Engineering Society, China Automotive Industry Association, China Automotive Technology Research Center, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute

January 15th afternoon

On the morning of January 16

January 16th afternoon

On the morning of January 17

January 17th afternoon

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