Nowadays have changed great changes in the automotive industry, people’s demand is changing, and the technical strength of the manufacturer is constantly improving, and the traditional energy has already come to the lower half of the game, and then It is the rise of new energy vehicles. In numerous new energy vehicles, small new energy vehicles have become a new “battlefield”. With the big sale of Wulinghong MINI EV, many brands have started to start pure electric mini cars.

When it comes to the microcolle, it has to mention this brand. This brand is still a long period of time because of the influence of Mercedes-Benz brand. It has been a long period of time in the domestic market. However, with the energy conversion, and the changes in consumer demand, the influence of Smart has gradually declined, and the market heat has arrived at the freezing point. Therefore, SMART must make some changes, change the positioning and image of the current market.

From the current market market, it is very important to change the source of power. Mili Hong Kong MINI EV is a good example. If SMART can launch an electric version, it is natural to attract many consumers. However, in the process of this change, there are some places that need to be adjusted. For example, the model size is to adhere to two versions of small cars, or slightly increase the size of SUVs, which is obviously welcomed by domestic consumers.

Indeed, let’s take a look at the Great Wall’s Euler Cat, Black Cat and other models, you know that this direction is easy to get market identity. In the design of the appearance, taking a good cat as an example, walking is a cute style, while smart family style design, obviously similar to a good cat style, can capture a lot of female owners, after all, women’s consumption power is not small of.

It is worth mentioning that this time SMART transformation, there are domestic enterprises involved, and this domestic car company is Geely. Geely has its own uniqueness in the production of electric vehicles, that is, the SEA platform built by Huajin, this platform can be said to be very suitable for SMART’s creation. Of course, Geely people also have income, after all, cooperate with world-renowned brands, is very helpful to their own brand influence, and can also open the global market.

Finally, it is understood that SMART’s first pure electric SUV is in 2022, and everyone will meet us. Everyone thinks what is the price of a pure SMART in SMART?

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