Tesla has been a word of mouth in recent years, not only the quality of the vehicle has not been resolved, but the MODEL 3 is more than a year, and the price reduction has reached five or six times. Many car owners are still quasi- The new car has fallen by nearly 100,000 yuan, so many people say that the Tesla car is to choose as a leek. So if you don’t want to buy Tesla with the wind, what happened now is it worth paying attention? Let’s take a look together.

蔚 来 ES6

It is a new member in China’s independent brand, although the old age and the target are extremely large, and the pricing of the vehicle has never been less than 300,000 yuan. This ES6 is not general. In December 2020, the ES6 has been delivered to 2493 cars, so many people will regard it as the biggest opponent after domestic Model Y. The appearance of the car is in the leader in the same level model, and the intelligent configuration is also in place. The NOMI smart vehicle system allows the driver to control the vehicle through the voice system as much as possible during driving. The recognition rate is also quite high. As an electric car, the endless mileage of the ES6 reached 420/430/600/610 kilometers, which is basically usually used by daily households.

Aion LX

AION LX is a car under GAC ENA, the car is based on the new platform GEP creation, mechanical quality, and power combinations in the same level. In terms of appearance, this AION LX looks like AION S, all along the family-style design route, the vehicle looks round and full, but it is not bloated, it can be seen that the designer’s skill is good. In terms of the body size, the total vehicle length is 4786/1935 / 1685mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2920 mm, so that the interior space of the vehicle is quite abundant. In terms of endurance, the car is divided into three endurance versions of 520/600/650 km, such endurance performance is complete enough.


At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, BMW has also launched its first pure electric SUV BMW IX3, and the official guidance price is from 469,900. As the head brand of the global luxury car, BMW has always had a good user reputation. X3 is always in the best in the luxury medium SUV, and this time the X3 has been purely electrochemically designed, and the BMW has also shown this. The confidence of IX3. In terms of appearance, the car continues to take advantage of BMW X3, but improvements in detail. BMW’s landmark dual-kidney grille has been reserved, but here supports opening a closed function, and the technology is more technological. And some other details, also added blue decorative strips to embellishment, showing the identity of this car as a new energy vehicle. During the end, the car is equipped with 74kWH battery pack, and the endless mileage can reach 500 kilometers under the NEDC operating conditions.

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