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Mary Barra announced in November 2020, Mary Barra announced that 30 models will be accelerated. She said they are “committed to competing for electric vehicles market share until we become the first of North America.”

She did not mention Tesla’s name – she did not have to do this.

10 years ago, General Motors are in the electric car fields to play more unveired by the United States. In 2012, it was the year of Tesla launched Model S. The General Motor sold more than 23,000 Chevrolet Volt, almost twice the nearest competitor Toyota Purudi, accounting for 18 US electric vehicle market share 18 %.

However, since Tesra started selling Model 3 two years ago, it has broken the sales record of US electric vehicles (still only accounting for a small part of the overall sales of the US auto market). In 2019, Tesla dominated the US electric car market with 58% of the shares, some estimates showed that its share rose to 80% in the first half of 2020.

Bora said that General Motors will increase the investment in electric vehicles to $ 27 billion. By 2025, the company will sell 1 million electric cars. Analysts said, according to this speed, GM is unlikely to exceed its California competitors Tesla. Last month, Tesla has also joined the generic car of the S & P 500 blue chip stock.

Morning Star Company analyst David WHiston said: “Currently, in the US pure electric car market, Tesla dominates.”

GM must also manage its traditional cars and trucks to ensure they support rather than weakening their driving. GM has the largest market share in this field.

“This is like making surgery for yourself,” said Adam Jonas, Morgan Jonas, said that he is optimistic about Tesla. “This is possible, just adding challenges.”

Industry experts agree that at a moment, electric vehicles will occupy the entire car market – when is the problem.

Market Research Corporation Idtechex estimates that by 2030, electric vehicles will account for 20% of the global market and will reach 80% in 2040. However, Luke Gear, the company’s senior technical analyst, said that due to Joe Biden, Joe Biden will take over the White House, and the above estimated fines will definitely be upwards. Amend.

Gill said that the total goal of 10,000 vehicles and the launch of a large number of new models are “pushing the competition to high.” The Ultium battery of General Motors can accelerate the development speed of new models, the company and LG chemical joint ventures plan to produce enough batteries in the battery factory in Lodzte, Ohio to meet the production goals of Bora.

More models mean that consumers have more choices, which will accelerate the popularity of electric vehicles. Tesla has appeared some attractive quality problems, such as October 2020 in California, a Model Y took the same day from the dealer, the roof was out of the roof. Gill said that the practice of GM means that customers who want to buy electric vehicles will not have to choose this quality problem, only 15-year-old startup. “

Gill said that now, Tesla is better than competitors in reducing battery prices. Cheaper batteries mean cheaper cars that make them a wider potential customer base.

In 2019, the best-selling electric car in the United States is Tesla 3, starting from $ 38,000. The company has sold nearly 155,000. In contrast, the second selling model is Tesla’s Model X, one surrounded by 80,000 US dollars, sales of 19,000.

Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner estimates that General Motors will reduce battery costs to $ 100 in three years, then reducing to 2025 to 75 US dollar. But this is still lower than Tenla’s ten-year mid-target, that is, $ 50 per kWh.

Gill said: “The price will determine who is the market leader, in the foreseeable future, Tesla seems to win in the price.”

Tesla leaders in the field of electric vehicles, related to the huge differences between the value of the two companies. Jonas said that Tesla’s current market value is $ 600 billion, 10 times the general car, which makes it advantage in financing.

In addition, Jonas said that as a pure electric car company, Tesla does not have the hamper conflict that the generic car may encounter. It is used in electric cars, and it may be more advantageous in attracting engineering talents.

If the public and the government began to discharge internal combustion engines as a long-term responsibility, it can cause regulatory, legislation and litigation, and General Motors may face costs in the future. This makes some investors believe that General Motors may still be separated from electric car business, although its statement is opposite.

“We heard investors to see the internal combustion engine car as tobacco and asbestos.” Jonas said. Analysts say that General Motors are unlikely to be implemented in this decade. Huison said that if the company wants to surpass Tesla in the North American electric car market, “there is still a long way to go.” However, Tesla occupied the dominant position in recent years, partly of its lack of competition.

Horsseton said: “Once you have entered the low price of electric car market, Tesla cannot expect its fanatics to get the first share.” Even if the general car is in the North American market, it will never exceed Tesla. But if they continue to launch a large amount of decent products … they have taken a lot of share from Tesla, then have their electric vehicles fail to fail? I will say no. “

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