[Guide] If the price reduction is just a simple pressing opponent, expand its sales and market share, such Tesla is also called Tesla? I am afraid it is not so simple.

One day in 2021, Tesla, suddenly announced that domestic Model Y is listed in the “low price” of 33.99 million yuan, of which the models of Model Y long-lasting version is 339,900 yuan, down 148,100 yuan; Tesla Model Y Performance The high-performance version of the price is 369,900 yuan, down 165,100 yuan, immediately detonated the market.

Once the pricing news of Model Y, the NASLO has attracted a large number of consumers to queue inquiries and experience, and the online official website order page has even collapsed because of the increase of visits. Previously, Tesla was released on its official website, the model price range was 4.35 million to 526,000 yuan, and the final market price range was 339,0 million to 369,900 yuan, the decline was up to 165,000 yuan, almost That is to play 30% off.

Some of the Tesla lines in Beijing, even if the temperature and new crown of the cold air and the new championship cannot stop the consumer’s enthusiasm, although there are many models such as MODEL X and other models, but new reform Model 3 and Model Y are obviously more popular.

A salespeople in Shanghai Tesla said that there are more than 10,000 Model Y orders received in Shanghai store, and have been queued to the Spring Festival, and the test drive even after two or three months later. More square rumors say that Model Y gets 100,000 orders within 10 hours. According to the feedback of internal people, this data is exaggerated, but the booking amount is indeed approaching 100,000.

Some netizens said that Model Y is on the market and the prevalence of Apple iPhone is almost unhappy.

The external evaluation of Tesla’s price cuts, but also the benevolence, the public saying, various analytics and judgments have their different perspectives and certain truth, but like Tesla, there is a business, if it is just to suppress the opponent, expand Self sales, master market initiative, I am afraid it is not as simple as it.

In Lin Yan, Tesla has frequently price cuts in China, although it is eager to quickly push the scale, and the performance of the pursuit of benefits is not related. However, several main reasons for the first price reduction are:

First, the needs of the implementation of the agreement. According to the disclosed information, the Shanghai and Tesla signed a construction plant agreement. In fact, there is a gambling terms, people will not send low-interest bank loans, white and white, provide 50 years of land lease, and white is 2 billion yuan support. The Tesla Shanghai Super Factory has been taxed from 2023. It must be taxed per year. If this condition is not reached, it must be returned to the corresponding land. At the same time, Tesla must also invest RMB 1.4.8 million of capital expenditures in the Shanghai factory in the next five years, meaning that in 2023, it is necessary to reach the scale of the annual sales of 500,000 vehicles. At the moment, Model 3 must rely on the price of 10 billion yuan due to the low price, and must rely on the model of models like Model Y. Tesla 2019 cash flow is very insufficient. After reaching the gambling agreement with the other party, it has also made Tesra’s financial difficult year. However, after 2020, after the air is slow, through the increase in new shares, a large number of financing, it has been raised to a $ 12 billion in cash flow. Imagine that Masque would raise such a fund for the subcommittee, or the Tesla will not necessarily sign the gambling terms.

Second, the market value of the market value. In 2020, Tesla would deliver 499,550 cars worldwide, which is 11.4 times the delivery of the delivery. It is 18.5 times that Xiaopeng cars; on January 4, Tasla, Tesla’s market value reached 692.87 billion US dollars, it is 蔚 来8.3 times, it is 20.1 times that Xiaopeng cars, it is not the same level, you can have the world’s healthiest listed earning report, let Tesla have a bottom gas and advantage. Although Tesla terminal sales is in short supply, the price reduction will still affect or reduce its profit, but the sales increase, the turnover is increased, and there are more profit accounts, which can quickly stimulate and pull the stock market. In other words, the long-term market value growth is Tesla is particularly valued, as for the educational profit from the sale, at least is not the factors that Tesla is too considered.

Third, the cost is reduced. The gross profit margin of each car of Tesra is 23.7%, because Tesla has made domesticated, its labor costs, and the cost of the cost of accessories, parts such as parts are bound to have a space, Tesla Profit. The source is not only from new car sales, including the automatic driving mounting package, OTA, and smart plug-in apps can bring profit projects, so Tesla has a great potential. The cost diller is only a basic factor condition, and its purpose is not to simply fight the competition. Some of the new forces self-satisfaction. I thought that Tesla was rushing by him. In fact, Tesla is completely based on his own strategic action. Even if some competitions are affected, it is not the original intention of Testla – a number one new energy car company, the product is not selling, and it will seize the tens of thousands of cars in the district, and whether it is also Too undue defeat Tesla’s strong market appeal. Fourth, the needs of marketing concepts. The Turla’s marketing concept that is always exclusive, never sells the car as a car as a car as a traditional car company, but the car is used as ordinary consumer goods to sell, just like selling mobile phones. In other words, Tesla never expects a car to be used for many years, which is also a place where traditional car companies and new forces are not able to reflect. Tesla’s “price offensive” droves the upgrade and performance growth of domestic auto supply chain companies, but has brought huge competitive pressure to the new power that has not yet been lost. There is media report that there is a user who has reached the predecessor model for the Model y, and turn to Tesla. Although it will follow this news, the industry is still worried about Tesla high-priced costs.

Next, Whether I will also raise the big flag of the price reduction, I will not see the new and traditional car enterprises that have the new power and traditional vehicle enterprises.

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