In this era of focus on color, anything will be welcomed if there is a gorgeous appearance. In the automotive market, it is no exception. In addition to doing the core technology of the car, the vehicle enterprises must break through the appearance of the car. This is especially in the field of new energy, many models have subverted the appearance of the fuel car, or fashion or science fiction. For example, this author said that the ER6 from the SAIC Group R Car, which is called the new Jin Yan value “monster” in the market today, how to behave, let’s take a look.

Let’s talk about its front face, the whole face makes me more than the round flesh, the entire grille is slowly smaller in the middle, which is designed to spread outward. The headlights on both sides are like a big eye with long eyelashes, and the three-bar LED lamps in the headlight are designed very eye-catching. Including slender daytime linelights, just like liaoliao, what kind of image has a big eyelash, and there is a liaoliao? Do you think of the little goblin, beautiful and wild?

The upper half of the side is large, and there is a high feeling that is highly high, it is difficult to control uncomfort.

The end of the car was surrounded by a wide black design, which made the visual effect increase the height of the entire car, but there is a slender white design on black, including the red light on both sides This is monotonous black. Added a sense of design and let it stop. There is also a sleek sleeper in the taillights. It is like a pleated dress of a little girl. It is really “thousands of people”. There are different plants in a different location in a car.

The overall black, plus a little silver dotted, gray on the seat, such coloring makes people feel calm but is not flat. There is also a rhombic line, a floating large screen and an electronic gear, which have increased the texture of this car. So, what kind of charm is given to you again?

Finally, the power is said, and the R steam ER6 is equipped with the maximum power of 135kW, the peak torque is 280N.m, the maximum battery is 620km, such a power composition is still good. And at the price, the car is priced for the manufacturer’s guide price of 16.28-208 million yuan, what do you think?

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