In the field of fast layout, Guangqi Honda creates a new car based on AION S – Guangqi Honda EA6, because its design is almost consistent with AION S, so it is also the title of “套 娃”, but no matter how According to the first step, Guangqi Honda has finally taken the first step. At today’s Haikou Auto Show, the interior of the new car is officially unveiled, unveiling the last level of veil.

Although we are “bang baby”, we still have to learn about its design, the new car is a very typical electric car shape, the closed grille with the fold line and the headlight extended, and the overall showing a diverting Vision. Compared to AION S, the headlights of the new car have a more obvious change, and the matrix design replaces the original T-shaped element, in order to reduce the wind resistance, it also equipped with a 18-inch double technology stereo wheel.

To the car, the overall design adds a texture with a symmetrical and simple as the main melody, the black brown. The new interior has two highlights, one is the decorative parts of the carbon fiber. To know this level, it is not a number of carbon fiber trims, and it also significantly enhances the internal fashion atmosphere.

The first big highlight comes from the suspended medium control screen. The official does not announce the size of this screen, but the naked eye can be seen that it is very large enough, and it is clear enough. The buttons and functions below the screen take advantage of Honda’s classic elements, which is very pleasant to Honda’s old owners, and novice drivers may take some time to adapt.

In addition to the design, there is more useful in the new car to reflect its practicality, such as the wireless charging area under the screen, the careful consumer will definitely find that many car companies will place the wireless charging behind the gear, so Although it saves space, let the overall look more spacious, but in real use, there are many unchangements. The frequent bumps are easy to make the owner to distinguish, even misuse. The wireless charging area is placed under the screen, and it solves this problem very well, plus the oblique angles close to 45 °, put, and it will be very convenient.

Similarly, the combination meter and the central control screen are also helped by the owner to get information faster when driving, but slightly regrettable is that the function button of the new car steering wheel is less. If you can place more common functions in the steering wheel On, then it will be more heartbered.

In addition, the front and rear seats of Guangqi Honda EA6 uses an inner concave curved surface, which can be effectively distributed to select the best hardness. Especially during long-distance driving and ride, its advantages will be reflected, and then match the function of heating, memory, and ventilation, and the seat comfort of the new car is worthy of praise.

In view, the new car has a certain competitiveness, and it is also enough to use it when designing, but if it is placed in a brutal new energy market, it will not be worried about it, after all, it itself and Aion s did not play obvious Differentiation, consumers are easily “self-evident” when choosing. But for GAC Honda, the pressure of dual integration has been inseparable, etc., the performance of the new car and the future layout are worth looking forward to.

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