Charging and changing, which one is better?

The association between the industry’s two energy replenishment routes for electric vehicles has never stopped. Especially since this year, the exchange policy, the financial, market situation has been greatly, and the layout of major charging companies will continue to expand. Which route can be more large-scale commercialization, it has become one of the most popular hotspots that are most recently received by the new energy automotive industry in 2020.

In this regard, on December 18th, the “Electric Vehicle Observer” at the Second Energy Automobile Commercialization Conference of the New Energy Automobile Commercialization, Austrian new energy, special electricity, cloud fast charge and other recovering electric companies, Beiqi new energy, cloud Enterprises, Cao Cao travel, travel, the logistics enterprises and the odds and other capital and the representatives of the logistics enterprises and the radiophageics are comments on the competence of the charge.

Electric Rent Network is one of the typical scenes of the charging electric “confrontation”, and the business representative is warmly discussed at the electrical conference.

I hope that these practical experience from the first-line charging electric companies can provide useful reference for the industry.


The Olympic exchange target is big, and “5000 is not enough”

In 2020, no matter from policies, capital or corporate, new energy car exchange routes ushered in the best time.

In particular, “electric car observationers” recently learned that the pilot of new energy automotive exchange model will be carried out in the country. The exchange pilot and the previous “Ten Town Thousand Vehicles” and the hydrogen fuel batteries are similar, and the local cities will declare, and then they will be carried out after approval by the Central Administration.

Although the central level also said that there may be excellent places for the pilot, the central financial support recommendations are proposed; local levels, which are only encouraged to exchange subsidies or reward measures. However, for the silence of the exchanged industries and the power-saving industry for many years, the news that exchanges the national pilot is a major favorable.

At this point, China’s power-exchange route has basically completed the important two steps of the company, the government recognizes.

Austrian new energy (hereinafter referred to as Olympics) is one of the earliest practitioners of China’s electric vehicle exchange route. In 2000, its predecessor’s new energy begins to explore and exchange, has been taken for 20 years.

At the electrical conference, General Manager of the Olympic New Energy Marketing Center, Huang Chunhua, introduced the latest progress and planning of the Olympic exchange business. At present, the Olympic power exchange station covers 20 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Haikou, Kunming and Xiamen.

At the upcoming Winter Olympics, the Olympics will join hands to join hands to partner Northern Energy, and provide power-exchangeing services in Zhangjiakou and Chongli.

Huang Chunhua, General Manager of Olympics New Energy Marketing Center

At present, the exchange-of-action exchange vehicle includes 50,000 bus, logistics cars and passenger cars, with more than 7 million exchanges, and more than 1 billion kilometers in the exchange rate. According to the plan, in 2025, the Olympic power-moving power station should cover 100 cities across the country, operate 5,000 power plants, and the power-exchanged service capacity reached 2 million vehicles.

For the Olympic “5000 Sports Power Station” plan, the General Assembly ratings guests, Special Electricity Chairman Yu Dexiang bluntly, resolving some of the current energy supplement, but can solve the next five years, 10 years later, still uncertain. If you realize the large-scale replacement of electric vehicles in the fuel truck, 5000 shift stations must not work.

This is also a reason why Dexiang has always been exchanged. “With a panic, you are not too dare (involved)”.

Special Electric Chairman Yu Dexiang

But Dude, said that the guests of another conference rather Wang Binggang’s perspective: Charging and power-saving currently have different application scenarios, choose which energy supplement method, should pay Select and verify the market.

“It takes too much money to do so for electricity. I have no much money now. I hope that we will charge the electric companies to support each other and work together to do new energy cars.” Said Dexiang.

In this regard, Huang Chunhua also said that the charge is not opposed, the most critical is to make users more choices under different scenarios. He put the Olympics to armored vehicles, took the special call than infantry or Motorcycle Group, hoping that two companies can deeply cooperate, putting the power-changing power outlets more intensive, strengthens the application of back-end batteries.

Strengthening the cooperation of the changing electricity companies is the voice of many practitioners.

Cloud Express Joint Foundation, Deputy General Manager Zhu Haitao

Yun fast charge is a “black horse” in the domestic charging industry. 3000, the terminal exceeds 60,000.

He is at present, at present, the utilization rate of domestic charging field stations is 10%, and Yun Express has docked with many host plants and power-saving operations. I hope that the future will be able to communicate with the Olympics and other power-on enterprises. Multi-venue cooperate together.


How do car companies, capital and travel companies participate in power-saving?

It is good to change the electricity, and the user is most known.

In this round of change, in addition to the “old driver” in the exchange operator of the Olympics, Bobi Technology, more and more car companies, travel enterprises, special vehicles manufacturers and capital are also started to practice electricity. Among them, there are many examples of profitability in their respective segment or region.

Among the car enterprises, Beiqi new energy is one of the first cars participating in the exchange route, and is also an important partner of the Olympics.

According to the deputy general manager of Beiqi Marketing Company, there are currently, the construction of Beijing change station has completed 137, in order to meet the replacement requirements of Beijing taxi, it will reach 220-250 seats next year. However, in the charging or exchange of electricity, the taxi for Beiqi new energy has both a vehicle that currently uses a fast-charged pile operation to operate more than 70,000 vehicles. Deputy General Manager of Beiqi Marketing Company

Taking Beijing and Xiamen, the main operations of North Automobile New Energy Taken 330 km and 500 kilometers from the two-day taxi.

Bogsheng introduced that if in Xiamen, electric taxi only use fast-filled pile to make up, it is difficult to meet the operational needs, and the operation time of the loss daily has an hour and a half. With the power-saving power, the whole single shift time does not exceed 90 seconds, which can not only solve the problem of operational time, but also improve the safety, which reduces operational costs.

Beiqi new energy taxi operated in Beijing

In Beijing, electric vehicles are low in winter, and the battery life fell by 30% -40% is the normal, and there is also a big impact on the operation of electric vehicles. However, through the power-saving mode of Beiqi, the electricity fee is calculated according to the mileage, the driver does not have electricity consrsant, and you can have a warm air in the car, not to pay for this. From operating efficiency and income, it is greatly guaranteed to drivers.

In addition to Beiqi new energy, Geely is also the mainstream new energy car enterprise for formal layout. The leading platform of Geely, Cao Cao, is not only one of the mainstream new energy vehicles in China, and is also an important participant in the power saving mode.

Liu Zhiyong, is currently Cao Cao’s general manager of Beijing Company, before he was responsible for the management of Cao Cao, Taiyuan and Hangzhou. In 2020, Cao Cao travels from the original self-operated mode to the model of contracted vehicles, and can achieve a profit and loss in more than 20 cities across the country.

Cao Cao travels to Beijing General Manager Liu Zhiyong

At Hangzhou, Geely Automobile Headquarters, its independently developed maple electric vehicles have begun to trial operation in Cao Cao travel platform, and electricity exchange time only takes 80 seconds. It is more than 2 hours than the operation of charging mode, and it reflects electricity. The economics of the operating electric vehicle operate.

In Beijing, Cao Cao travels still operates more than 230 North Automobile New Energy EU Series. Entering the deep winter season, the vehicle full of electricity is only 150 kilometers to 180 kilometers, the operating efficiency is extremely efficient, and the power-saving mode can also be largely solve the problem of insufficient life, and the operation time is not enough.

Liu Zhiyong introduced that Cao Cao will gradually increase the investment and research and development of the power-saving station in Chongqing, Jinan, Zibo and other places, and promote local new energy networks and taxi development processes.

Not only that, the information obtained by “Electric Car Observer” shows that Geely has chosen self-built or planned to build self-exchanged network, vehicle operation enterprises and battery asset management companies. In addition, FAW, Dongfeng and the awareness have similar research plans.

Liu Zhiyong said, no matter from practice, it is also the mainstream of the future taxis and webmarks from the information of the Beijing Municipal Government.

But he emphasized that the charging power should be combined according to different scenes. For example, charging is more economical, and in similar Taiyuan, the charging infrastructure is particularly perfect, urban size, low per capita income, even when operating vehicles, using charging piles can also meet the operational demand. But in a first-tier city, the advantages of the electric power station are more obvious.

In the case of the exception of the behavior, it is said that the company has introduced the deputy general manager of the Travel. At present, more than 3,000 self-exchanged vehicles in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi.

Song Weitian, deputy general manager of Yixiang Travel

By powering operation, on the one hand, according to the mileage fee, the driver’s operating cost is reduced, on the other hand, participate in the battery tradder, after the electric shipment is eliminated, put it in the second-tier city and the third-tier cities, then according to the battery The degree of loss, then do a ladder, deep excavation of the value of the full life cycle of the battery.

Source: Song Weitian Speech Information

In addition to taxi and webmarks, the heavy-duty truck is also a rookie in the field of shifting. In 2019, the integration and electroops have accumulated a lot of practical experience in the field of electricity exchange.

Zhang Siyao, general manager of the intensive and electrical franchise marketing center In 2020, it is expected that there will be more than 5,000 units, more than 2,000 units are expected to deliver more than 2,000 vehicles.

Zhang Siyao, General Manager of Ronghe Electricity Strategic Marketing Center

Zhang Siyao believes that the power-saving mode is the subversion mode of the heavy truck field: the electric separation mode can make the purchase cost and the fuel car flat; 3-5 minutes of rapid energy replenishment plan, can solve the problem of operational efficiency; 300 square meters You can radiate 50 cars, you can solve the problem of heavy card charging field site venue, to a large extent reduction of land costs.

In addition, the battery life can be extended by focusing on the centralized management, delivery and use of the shifting battery; in terms of battery ladder, the power-saving mode is also conducive to centralized management.

Source: Zhang Siyao speech

In the power plant scene, mine scenes, port scenes, and “public water transport” scenes have been used.

It is worth mentioning that the melt and the electrical centers are not only the providers and operators of the electricity exchange card, but also funds.

Rong and Electricity and its large share of Eastness and lease, essentially operate in technology + industry + financial methods. As of June 2020, the integration of electric vehicles and construction machinery has been promoted by about 57,600 units, and the total amount of “electric separation” battery assets totaled about 285.74 megawatts, and the accumulated financing leasing was put on 5.643 billion yuan, and the assets were 430 million yuan. Sales broke 1 billion yuan. Moreover, many projects of these assets, finance leasing project have entered the return period. If the general manager, the general manager of the lease, the chairman of the Board of Evil, the mission is to be a commercialization. Commercialization is to make money.


Charging the faucet is not shaken, and there is a lot of charging customers.

When changing the power of the circuit, the “charging team” is not willing to show weakness.

On the eve of the electrical conference, “Electric Vehicle Observer” visits the first large charging construction operator Qingdao Titong headquarters, and Yu Dexiang’s conversation of electricity.

For the choice of the shift circuit line, Dexiang’s attitude is clear: charging is the main energy supply form of electric vehicle mainstream, the greatest economy, the stronger the profitability. Whether it can be converted to another mainstream electric vehicle energy supply, and it takes time and market verification.

Special electric charge station

Zhao Jian, General Manager of Specialized Electric Brand, Currently, Special Electric has built more than 260,000 charging piles, and the charging network covers 360 cities, including prefecture-level, with a daily charge of more than 12 million degrees. Especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, etc., the application rate of charging piles is very high, and the pre-layout has entered the rapid revenue stage.

In the view of Dexiang, compared to the profitability of the power-saving mode is much more difficult.

He said that in the hot city such as electric car in Beijing, the good charging station can recover costs for 2 years, but in order to facilitate convenience, in the city construction charging network, at least 4-5 years can be returned to this. It is necessary to build a good shift station, even if it is the best scene, it takes 3-4 years to go back. If the construction of the city-level power transmission network, for special convergers, at least 6-8 years or even longer Ren.

For the reason, Yu Dexiang analysis, the cost of the electric power station is higher than the charging station, the change station is less, the user is inconvenient, the power-saving station has been built, the investment and operation cost is higher, the loss is greater. Therefore, the shifted vehicles are mostly special vehicles, such as engineers and taxi, small scale, and private cars, net approximation vehicles do not use electricity.

For Dexiang’s judgment, optimistic about North Stroke new energy in power-on prospects, Cao Cao travel and escape travel may be difficult to recognize.

The red liters said that in the field of taxis and webmarks, Beiqi New Energy will always adhere to the exchange logic. According to the plan, 2-3 million exchange taxis and web approaches will be put into operation next year. With the further improvement of the industry, the future exchange mode is very good in the future exchange mode.

However, the Base Camp is located in Fujian, the cloud, more popular, more inclined to the charging route.

Miao Feng, Vice President of Yunxia New Energy Vehicle

At the Second New Energy Commercial Conference, Miaofeng High said that with the advancement of battery technology, the charging time is greatly shortened, and the vehicle’s battery life has greatly improved, which can meet the travel needs of private users. In the field of travel, the low temperature time is longer in winter, the power-saving can quickly solve the replenishment problem, but also save the driver a lot of time costs, but in the southern region of Fujian, the exchange route is not necessarily economical.

He and Yunxia team have conducted research on rental and webmarks in Xiamen and other cities. If the number of local power exchange stations can not reach the number of taxis and webmarks, or the layout position is not perfect, the driver may spend more Time to change electricity, it is not necessarily shorter than charging.

Yuan Guo, Vice President of the ground, also held similar views.

Yuan Guo, Vice President of Tie on the ground

On the ground, iron is a company that focuses on new energy car logistics operations, with 60,000 new energy logistics cars. At present, the upper iron has established a subsidiary in 53 cities across the country, and there are more than 3,000 new energy logistics vehicles in Beijing.

According to the market research on the ground, the full load of the full-load endless mileage can cover today’s 80% scene, while in the field of new energy logistics vehicles, the average daily life is approximately 150 kilometers. Therefore, charging can meet the scene required by Iron, unless the logistics system has major changes, it will greatly improve operational efficiency, otherwise the electric separation is not applicable to the field of logistics vehicles.

What about heavy truck fields? Significant and charging?

Yu Dexiang believes that the cost of the heavy card is at least double charging, while the biggest changes cost of heavy truck operators is electricity bill, because the biggest advantage of electric vehicles is that the operating electricity bill is 1/4 of the oil car, which is also an operation. Business is willing to use the main cause of electric vehicles, but if the resilience is sold, the operator lost the dividend of the oil and electricity.

He pointed out that if the heavy truck is transported, it is transported for 24 hours, and there is almost no time to charge during the process, and the electric shift is also a good model. In the first end of the final station, the exchange rate is improved, so that the electric electricity is separated, no one is involved in competition, slightly lower than the oil prices per kilometer, or it may be closed.

Borlette specialized in electric weight card and electric engineering machinery tends to conventional charging routes. At present, the company has already launched more than 200 electric heavy trucks and electric construction machines nationwide.

Breton Electric Card

Chen Fangming, chairman Boreton Science and Technology, said that even at a low temperature of zero 20 ° C, the electric heavy card can also be charged for 1 hour, working for 6-8 hours. Because the downhill has energy recovery, the uphill is empty, so the overall energy consumption is very low, and the operational efficiency of 15% can be increased compared to the fuel trass, saving 75% of the fuel consumption. Today, after many years of exploration of many companies, regardless of the charging route, it is also a relatively good exploration in the field of their respective, and has achieved profit and loss and balance in some subdivision or regions, and even start fast. profit.

If the guests identified by most participants, the charge is not contradictory, which is complementary, not the relationship between mutual confrontation. Even in the same application scenario, companies choose charging or changing electricity according to their own situation, it is possible to achieve better economic benefits. Which energy supplementary manner is specifically, the market will make a decision. (Finish)

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