As part of Bentley eliminated fuel trains and transformed into a pure electric brand strategy before 2030, the brand is planning to launch new models in this new segment. Chairman and CEO of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, said to “AutoCar”, the company has not decided whether these new pure electric cars will take the nameplate and family design of existing models, but he added: “Our position is to pay attention to customers and subdivision Market. Because the entire car world is changing, in addition to the electrical transformation, we will also adjust its product lineup. “For the whole problem, he said:” We want to attract more women users and the same future. The urban environment has become more relevant. We hope to lead the modern luxury car values ​​different from 20 years ago, “he pointed out that in the next 10 to 15 years, the era will also change again.

Hallmark also said that the company expects pure electric automotive technology without “leaping”, but continuous improvement will help to achieve its goals in life. He told the AUTOCAR magazine: “By 2025, we expect a battery that is 110 kWh to 120 kWh, which will make the large-size model of the battery life of 400-500 kilometers.” In addition, he also emphasized The importance of plug-in mixing techniques during the transformation process. “Make a full-size SUV (sports multi-purpose car) comparable to fuel models, and the capacity of the battery pack needs to reach 150 kW, and therefore, in the next 5 to 10 years, the mixing technology will be in large-size models. “Hallmark summarizes:” We believe that 2025 to 2030, launching the pure electric model of medium sizes is more feasible, and larger size electric vehicles will be after 2030, so we will set the transition time node 2030. “

“AutoCar” said that Bentley will produce the first pure electric car in 2025, which will be created based on the ARTemis new custom platform developed by Audi. Although Hallmark did not confirm whether Bentley used the platform, he confirmed that Bentley participated in the project. He said: “The Artemis platform is based on a new electrification architecture. It will provide support for a number of models for different segments. For our current product, we must enter the engineering phase after the vehicle architecture is completed. Therefore, We must design a vehicle architecture for the Bentley. After this new platform, we clarified from the beginning, it needs to achieve what goals we need for us. We are the beneficiaries of this platform and also participate in the development of the project. A detailed technical requirement can be made at the beginning, making industrial production easier. “This will enable Bentley to add your own” sub-architecture “assembly on this electrification architecture.

The magazine reported that Bentley’s first pure electric vehicle is expected to use the car’s body style, the body will slightly higher to accommodate the battery pack under the floor. The magazine also pointed out that the height of the model will be shorter than the current SUV, and its shape is inspired by the EXP 100 GT concept car, and the aerodynamic efficiency will be optimized. However, Hallmark said: “We don’t get constant in terms of body styling. But we understand the technology we will apply and the ability of this technology. We know the size of the vehicle and the difficult point of facing, but these are just basic work, It may only account for only 20% of all workloads. In the design of the first pure electric car, we have studied many different options. In the next three to six months, we will formally determine the design. However, it is still in a state of exploiting, has not yet entered the implementation phase. “

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Just one month ago, the Bentley brand released the “Bentley 100” business strategy, the goal is to fully realize carbon in 2030, and realize the pure electric power of the whole model. Although Bentley’s product strategy has not been fully determined, this business strategy shows the development direction of this car manufacturer’s future product. It is worth noting that Bentley seems to develop new products that are more suitable for current and expected pure electric technology, rather than trying to provide customers with existing models that cannot meet the expected requirements. Indeed, Hallmark said in an interview that Bentley initially launched the pure electric models probably a supplement to existing fuel models. He pointed out: “For our customers, Bentley’s pure electric cars will not be their only driving. Customers can charge at home, workplace and regular local place, with the construction of charging infrastructure, the use of pure electric vehicles will be more convenient. The characteristics of pure electric vehicles are very similar to Bentley’s strategy, then why don’t we do this? ? “

Bentley has also set a transition phase during the entire product lineup to the pure electric transformation, that is, in 2026, the whole product will consist of a pure electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid model (PHEV). This car manufacturer is advancing the electrification of its entire model by introducing an interrupted hybrid model. Bentley Bentayga Mixed Edition will be listed this year, then the Flying Spur Mixed version will be launched in 2021. By 2023, Bentley will provide at least one plug-in mixed version of the model for all models. This also means that the fuel model will not completely exit; Hallmark said to “AutoCar”, Bentley plans to launch new and upgraded fuel models in the next ten years, and plan to “launch a large number of change models in the next three years.” In addition, Bentley has not planned to stop investment in internal combustion engines or plug-in hybrid system technology, and put all energy in pure electric technology. Hallmark added, Bentley is still paying attention to the development of synthetic fuel – the other members of the Mass Group have been interested – this may provide another option in the future. However, when talking about the recent prospects of hydrogen fuel cars, Hallmark said, “a great idea, but the large amount of energy required to produce hydrogen and the challenges of hydrogen storage and transport means that it does not have business.” According to our current expectations, in 2025, Bentley will introduce a new E-level electric CUV. In 2026 (the first year after the listing), the output of the model will account for about 20% of Bentley output. Bentley Second Pure Electric Model is expected to be launched in 2029.

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